Original Watercolours by Tim Wilmot


Shady avenue between buildings - Unknown location

Watercolour, 15" x 11" I did this painting last year, but just can't recollect where it is. Maybe Spain, but I can't be sure. Anyway, a classic bit of deep values and coll colours in the shade. I'll remember later where it was! Painted on Saunders Waterford, Cold Press 300...


Tortosa Cathedral Spain

Tortosa Cathedral - Spain, Watercolour 15" x 11" I was going for a range of values in this one - the dark foreground shadows and then lighter background, plus some warms and cools with the burnt sienna and blues of the sky (mainly cobalt blue) and figures. Using a wet...


Via Arsenale, Livorno #2

Livorno, Italy, 15" x 11" Via Arsenale, from the port to the town. A busy road with lots of port traffic. I ended up with bands of cool and warm - cool sky, warm buildings then cool foreground and shadows. Not sure what was happening in the bottom right corner...


Street Corner - Livorno

Livorno, Italy, 15" x 11" When I don't know exactly where I painted this, I call the painting 'street corner...'. I try to avoid have a large object, as part of a car on the immediate edge of a painting, so the bottom left, it's still in there but made...


Hilltop houses, La Gomera, Spain

La Gomera, Spain, Watercolour, 15" x 11" A row of hilltop houses in San Sebastien, La Gomera. So the scene attracted me for - the brightly coloured houses on the ridge of the hill overlooking the town, and the barren scrubland below, with a lovely mix of greens and reds....


Quarteira, Portugal, 15" x 11". A working port near the coastal town of Quarteira on the Algarve, Portugal. A large red boat being serviced (if that's the right word) caught my eye in this one. Quite a challenge with this scene with lots of details in the foreground to be...


Scali Saffi, Livorno, Italy

Livorno. Italy, Watercolour, 15" x 11" The New Venice Area of Livorno. The canal here, if that's the correct word, takes a sharp right-angled bend to the left after the bridge. A lovely scene, with small craft lined up along the canal sides and the sun coming in from a...


Riomaggiore Cinque Terre 2

Riomaggiore, Italy, 15" x 11" Another painting of this village on the Cinque Terre, and those iconic striped tarps covering the boats. So I went for the value change here between the light of the parasols and the dark shadows left. There's a little platform under the parasols with some...


Grand Parade Bath from Pulteney Bridge

Bath, UK, 15" x 11" A view up/down Grand Parade in Bath, from Pulteney Bridge (the Bridge is to the left of this scene). Most of the time, a busy street corner with mainly visitors to the city, so I had to put quite a few in. With a group...


Attendee Paintings from the April Online Workshop - Thanks everyone for attending!

Thanks to everyone who submitted their paintings after my live, online workshop recently, and here they are: Barry: Bert: Dang: Daniela: Diane: Gary B: Gary: Heather: Jack: Jackie: Jensen: Jim: Joan: Karin: Lefteris: Lynne: Marc: Marieke: Melker: Olusola: Philippe: Ray: Sandra:


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