Original Watercolours by Tim Wilmot


France Painting Holiday 2019 - Plein air #7 St Emilion, from the Lavoir

St Emilion, France, 11" x 15" The same spot as last plein air, I just turned 180 degrees and painted the view up the street. I think I must have discovered a bit of thick lavender on this one for the shutters. This painting was a bit rushed - I...


France Painting Holiday 2019 - Plein air #6 St Emilion, from the Lavoir

St Emilion, France, Watercolour, 15" x 11" A walk down to the lower part of town, carefully avoiding wine-tasting opportunities, and a nice shady/cool spot by the lavoir (French for wash house). It was quite hot and the paint was drying quicker than anything. A little view down the street....


France Painting Holiday 2019 - Plein air #5 St Emilion - Place du Marche

St Emilion, France, 15" x 11" Day 3 (Tuesday) and my painting friends and I visit St Emilion, the most famous wine-growing area in the world. Fortunately, the wine is too expensive to drink, so we had to paint! This is my demo painting of the Place du Marche. See...


France Painting Holiday 2019 - Plein air #4 Castillon

Castillon, France, 15" x 11" A real quickie Plein air before lunch on the second day of my French trip. I decided that I was in quite a cool and shady spot, not causing any obstruction to market pedestrians, and so did this one looking down the street from the...


France Painting Holiday 2019 - Plein air #3 Castillon

Castillon, France, 15" x 11" Day 2 (Monday) and we're in the town of Castillon on the River Dordogne. A nice market here and chance to paint from the shade looking towards a lovely building in the sun and some figures/shoppers in the market. Painted on Saunders Waterford, Cold Press,...


France Painting Holiday - Plein Air #2 Saint Seurin Mill

Saint Seurin Mill, France, 15" x 11" 2nd painting on our first day, Sunday, and a visit to the nearby Mill on the River Isle (runs into the Dordogne in the end). A nice spot by the river with the old Mill house and weir. Again, very hot and paint...


France Painting Holiday - Plein Air #1

Saint Seurin, France, 15" x 11" The market at Saint Seurin on a Sunday morning and the first picture as 'tutor/leader' on a Painting Holiday I organised. So a contra jour to start with. The location I chose was about the only spot where I could paint. It was so...


Two guys, Chania Harbour

Chania, Crete, 15" x 11" Not sure if the composition worked 100% on this one. I put the two figures in on the right, but every time I look at it, I just think there needs to be a small boat may be over on the left to balance. Or...


Building reflections, Livorno

Livorno, Italy, 15" x 11" This is the wide canal which encircles the older part of Livorno. There are many boats moored to the waterfront, which I presume belong in the most part to residents right there. So I thought this made for a nice composition. Some key reflections and...


Live, and Online, 2 hour Watercolor Workshop with Tim Wilmot, Sunday 15th September 2019

I am running another live, online watercolour demonstration on Sunday, September 15th at 6 pm UK time (BST). Wherever you are, join me for this unique paint along, where we will paint an English Village scene (see photo below). This will not be a recording. It is LIVE. This online...


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