Original Watercolours by Tim Wilmot


Late afternoon shadows Livorno

Livorno, Italy, Watercolour, 15" x 11" A study of some shadows in the late afternoon in the New Venice area of Livorno. Just had to sneak in a cyclist. Plenty of dry brush marks in this one to get different edges. Painted on Saunders Waterford, Cold Press, 300 gms. #watercolour...


Livorno Harbour and Fish Market

Livorno, Italy, Watercolour, 15" x 11" Sorry, there's loads more to come from Livorno. This one was quite difficult to get the balance of composition looking right. I had to include the boat on the right and a couple of bouys on the right to balance up with the left-hand...


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Laycock Art Society - Demo Feb 2020

Laycock, UK, Watercolour, 15" x 11" One of the last workshops I ran before lockdown in the UK. So over 2 hours we painted a local Lacock scene - this is the top of the village, with about 50 attendees. An exercise in using imagination to help composition with figures...


Church of St Catherine, Livorno, Italy

Livorno, Italy, Watercolour, 15" x 11" Perhaps a slightly unusual view of the Baroque Church from across the other side of the harbour. It's quite difficult to paint a whole group of white boats. Really I just think of the shape as a whole, and looking for geometric patterns for...


Slipway and Boatyard, Olhao, Portugal

Olhao, Portugal. Watercolour, 15" x 11" At one end of Olhao is this lovely boatyard and slipway. The building at the back has the 'fisherman's' restaurant in it - not sure if it's still open... Nice and peaceful spot to paint. Painted on Saunders Waterford, Cold Press, 300 gms. #watercolour...


Canal Corner, Livorno

Livorno, Italy, Watercolour, 15" x 11" A corner in the canal in the New Venice area of Livorno - a network of inland canals a bit like Venice but much wider. It really helps having a soft mop brush for the delicate strokes to take advantage of the rough paper...


Old Vineyard Monte dei Bianchi

Tuscany, Italy, Watercolour, 15" x 11" Old Vineyard at Monte dei Bianchi. A hot autumn day and the afternoon sun casting its rays across the vine - maybe the grapes have just been harvested. An old vineyard with some old posts at quirky angles can make for an interesting composition....


Scali del Pontino, Livrono, Italy

Livorno, Italy, Watercolour, 15" x 11" Around the new Venice area of Livorno and the 'Scali del Pontino'. Lovely stretch of water with boats moored up in every square inch of space along the canal walls. Lovely umbrella pine trees give it a real Italian feel. Painted on Saunders Waterford,...


Steps down to the canal, Livorno

Livorno, Italy, Watercolour, 15" x 11" I thought this made a nice composition - with the steps coming down at that angle and then the canal going up, under the bridge. Another 3-colour painting done with my lightweight travel palette - a modified Frank Herring plastic palette. They do different...


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