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Making things in December #10: Coffee doodle

For day 10 of making something every day in December, I doodled on a Starbucks cup. Nothing special, just flying back from San Francisco and don’t really have access to much else en route. making things in december timeline: Day […]


Level of Effort

I’m always amazed by the level of effort involved in web design/development. Adding a simple button to a UI can translate to weeks or even months of work. Behind every little bit of UI is a giant iceberg of technology […]


Making things in December #8: O, Christmas Tree

For day 7 of making something every day in December, I decorated a Christmas tree! That totally counts. Making things in December timeline: Day 1: recorded new song Day 2: wrote blog post called Music and Web Design Day 3: assembled […]


Subtract | Derek Sivers

The least successful people I know run in conflicting directions, are drawn to distractions, say yes to almost everything, and are chained to emotional obstacles. The most successful people I know have a narrow focus, protect themselves against time-wasters, say […]


Blocks UI

A JSX-based page builder for creating beautiful websites without writing code. Blocks comes with built-in components that are carefully designed and implemented with Theme UI. This looks like a step in the right direction for working with code. Some things I’d […]


Basecamp’s chat sucks

This post speaks to me. My argument is Slack is ruining the culture of a remote, distributed, calmup. One could put rules. People should only use Slack for chat-ops, notifications, and emergencies. Would that help? Would it help people avoid […]


Making Things in December #7: Funky Border Animation Codepen

For day 7 of making something every day in December, I made a Codepen of a little funky border animation concept I’ve been thinking about: See the Pen dyPYwdj by Brad Frost (@bradfrost) on CodePen. I’ll admit that it’s not […]


Doing It Right

I’ve been spending a lot of time getting things right. Like, really right. One thing about working on giant design systems is that every minor shortcut, every assumption, every “that should probably do it” gets blown to smithereens in the […]


Making things in December #5: jamming with Ian

For day 4 of making something every day in December, I recorded a jam with Ian. This is a pretty typical lunchtime session for us: just a couple minutes between lunch and work to plunk around. Nothing fancy, but lots of […]


Making things in December #4: Animated atom SVG

For day 4 of making something every day in December, I made an animated atom SVG on Codepen: See the Pen Animated atom SVG by Brad Frost (@bradfrost) on CodePen. I was feeling pretty tired last night so figured I’d […]


Making things in December #3: Assembling a Jeweler’s Bench and Bonus Track

For day 3 of making something every day in December, I assembled a jeweler’s bench for my wife, who runs a jewelry studio called Frost Finery. She’s moving out of current Frost Finery headquarters (in our basement) and getting a […]


What is a quick fix? – Miscelanea

Quick fixes usually get prioritized higher than bigger issues because they promise accomplishment, satisfaction, and the idea of incremental progress. But once you factor in the communication and collaboration tax–which varies across organizations–tackling the big stuff might not end up […]


Music and Web Design

There are a lot of parallels between music and web design/development. Here’s how I see it: Art and science Call it the difference between Type A vs Type B personalities. Or Right brain vs left brain. Or whatever other split […]


Making Things in December #1: New Song

For my first day of making something every day in December, I recorded a song. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! A few notes and observations: I picked up on a guitar riff that my wife Melissa was […]


Making Things in December

So I landed in a rut. Creatively speaking, at least. I realized I’ve been generally feeling pretty uninspired lately and have also been getting worked up over some pretty inconsequential things. Obviously this isn’t a good place to be. I […]


Atomic design / Pattern Lab logo shirt

Like atomic design? Like Pattern Lab? Or even just like chemistry? You can order an atom t-shirt from Cotton Bureau. Thanks Brian for making this happen! 


Back in 1900, activist W. E. B. Du Bois was using infographics to challenge white supremacy

These infographics are beautiful and profound. Source: Back in 1900, activist W. E. B. Du Bois was using infographics to challenge white supremacy | It’s Nice That


Location, Privilege and Performant Websites

When we design and build our websites with the outliers in mind, whether it’s for performance or even user experience, we build an experience that can be easy for all to access and use — and that’s what the web is about, […]


A Design System Governance Process

You can have a comprehensive design system that contains a slew of well-structured components, thorough documentation, thoughtful guidelines, and a well-considered design language. But if a design system user can’t get done what they’re trying to get done, the whole […]


A love letter to my website

In contrast to our personal websites, we don’t own our social platforms. They own us. On top of eating our time, our emotions and our focus, they are demanding our privacy. Whether we realized it or not, we signed away […]


SuperFriendly helped The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Build Three Sites With a Design System

Here’s Dan’s great interview with our fantastic client Mamie Peers of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. We worked together to build them a new website and underlying design system to power their digital properties.


Hello. We’re Sandwich.

My buddy Andrew’s space agency Cosma Schema produced some phenomenal non-space branding and web work for Sandwich. Absolutely love the color-changing underlines on scroll.


Initial thoughts on standardizing form controls

Here’s Greg Whitworth with some good analysis and plan forward about how the platform can give more styling control to form controls. LONG OVERDUE. Source: Initial thoughts on standardizing form controls | Greg Whitworth


A Year of Working Remotely

This is a fantastic post breaking down the pros and cons of working remotely. If I had more time I’d love to go point by point through the post, but I’ll say I absolutely love working remotely. I may be […]


Press This: Default category? | WordPress.org

I’m also using the Press This bookmarklet and am looking to do the following: Create a default post format (“Link” post format) for posts coming from Press This Create a default category (i.e. “link”) for posts coming from Press This […]


The ABCs of Design Systems – Curiosity by Design – Medium

Some great thoughts in here. The ABCs of Design Systems – Curiosity by Design – Medium


Design tools are holding us back

This post by Tom Johnson gives a fantastic overview of the limitations of static design tools and design/dev handoff tools. The author breaks down the various ways static design tools are detached from the reality of how things truly play […]


Choosing tools

There was a fun tweet circulating around yesterday: You’re working on a frontend project. You can install max. 5 dependencies. Which ones do you pick? — Kitze (@thekitze) July 19, 2019 Naturally, everyone weighed in with their tools of choice, […]


Living ecologically | Simon Collison

I love this post by Simon. He’s rounded up a ton of great steps his family has taken to be more ecologically mindful. I’m not as far down the road as he is, but am striving to do better. There […]


Yep, JavaScript Moves Fast. Build Your Component Library Anyway.

This post touches on something really important: “What if we create a component library in React/Vue/Angular/whatever and a new component technology replaces it?” That’s not a question of if. It’s a question of when. I play out this scenario with […]


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