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You Can't Pick Your Family

...but you can pick your friends and ignore your crazy neighbor lady when she goes off her meds and has a melt-down worthy of any spoiled five year daughter right in your front yard while you're trying to talk to a civil engineer about the heavy rain and the necessary construction of a swale (better known as a drainage ditch around this area).

Why do otherwise intelligent, erudite people produce dysfunctional ill-tempered idiots?  My cousin HappyFlute has a husband, Gong, and two children whom we'll call WisedUp and VillageIdiot.  Somewhere in the background is Gong's grandmother, a fiendishly wealthy inscrutable oriental who, it seems, believes in standing on your own two feet once you've learned to walk.

HappyFlute and Gong like outdoor activities.  Hunting, fishing, eating what they shoot.  They have a survival skill set and both are completely comfortable living outdoors.  Other than that, Gong is a rocket scientist (literally) and makes the big bucks.  HappyFlute teaches art or something at public school, and knows full well that she has a decent lifestyle because of Gong. 

Gong's grandmother paid for a college education for both kids.  WisedUp decided on pre-med (because grandmother said she'd pay for med school and never batted an eye - yeah, that kind of money), then she decided on something else, then she graduated with a degree in primitive cultures.  Or something.  The she discovered that the demand for someone with her particular talents was good, but the pay sucked pond scum.  So she went to a technical school for six months and got a degree / training in Information Systems.  She writes code for a living, makes better bread than most, and lives five minutes from work.  She's happy.  VillageIdiot got a degree in teaching music; he will eventually teach music in public school.  He was warned repeatedly that it didn't pay much, and that he was not going to live in his parents' home forever.  He's generally resentful because, according to him, the rest of the world owes him something more than he has.  His friends as well, because they have student loan debt that isn't being forgiven, which it should be, and on and on and on.  This all started when President Trump was elected President.

So me, not being able to just sit back and shut the fuck up, would occasionally react badly to the predigested drivel that VillageIdiot posted on his FaceBook page.  Recently I remarked that all I ever saw him do was post the opinionated rubbish created by the Democrat marketing firm, and that it would be a nice change if he posted his own ideas.

Which set him off.

The short of it is that I, and I know this will be hard to believe, but I, Mad Jack, was attacked by a pack of three SJWs led by the VillageIdiot, and I successfully restrained myself from verbally eviscerating them.  But in the process I did find out something interesting: None of these fools can write.

By that I mean that none of them can produce a grammatically correct sentence, or string together a few sentences to form a coherent paragraph.  Putting their other fine qualities aside, they are all graduates of the University of Colorado, and none of them can write beyond a Junior High level.

Reading between the lines, just the suggestion that VillageIdiot write a missive or two about anything caused him a panic attack.

Since VillageIdiot is a music major (College of Education), I suggested he compose something and put it out on YouTube for the rest of the world to enjoy.  That set him off again, and in a final snit he unfriended me and blocked me.  Poor me.  They're probably laughing and trading insults about me right now.  It's enough to drive someone to drink, and in just a few minutes I'm going to have a nice Martini.

My real worry here is not what happens to the VillageIdiot in the near future.  My concern is that we, the United States, have high school graduates who are functionally illiterate.  We now have college graduates who are borderline illiterate.

When my parents graduated from college, the idea that someone could get a bachelor's degree without being able to compose a paper was laughable.  Now?  It's a reality, and in a truly Olympian leap to conclusions I would say that anyone who can't write will have a very low reading comprehension - and these people vote.

Well, thanks for reading.  Here's how!


Tenacity of a Moonbat

The Antique Naval Flight Officer shouted this down my well today, and it's a good read.  Check it out as it amuses you to do so.


As usual, he gets right to the points - and there are many.  I'm glad he posted this, but I'd like to point out a few things in my usual sensitive, thoughtful, and long-suffering way.

Warning: Typical fact filled rant ahead.  All moonbats are advised to put out their eyes with number two pencils before reading, least they do themselves a mischief.

There's a bill in the United States 116th Congress (2019-2020) which attacks law abiding citizens of the United States.  I'm referring to H.R.5717 - Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020, sponsored by a little fruitcake from Georgia, one Rep. Johnson, Henry C. "Hank," Jr. [D-GA-4], a Georgia Democrat from the 4th district.

Trust me when I tell you that Hank may be a lot of things, but a real Georgia Cracker isn't one of them.

Little Hanky-Spanky introduced this treasonous garbage on 1/30/2020, and it's now sitting in the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security, where it will doubtlessly be mumbled over, prayed over, and for all I know covered in satanic scribbling before being moved up the ladder to the cheers of like-minded moonbats and sycophants everywhere.

Now then.

There are two parts here that I think are important.  The first tells any U.S. everything he needs to know about this bill, and it's quoted from the bill itself:


§ 932. License to own firearms and ammunition

(a) In General.—Except otherwise provided in this section, it shall be unlawful for any individual who is not licensed under this section to knowingly purchase, acquire, or possess a firearm or ammunition.

So if you aren't licensed and you own a gun and ammunition, you are now a criminal.  Since you're a criminal, you're likely to be raided by a SWAT team in the middle of the night and, unless you're killed in the raid, slammed into the big house for the rest of your life.

Here's the other part that's important - the list of cosponsors.  These elected officials are treasonous, despotic fascists.  Every single one of them should be given a fair trial and a fine hanging.

Rep. Kennedy, Joseph P., III [D-MA-4]*
Rep. Quigley, Mike [D-IL-5]*
Rep. Brown, Anthony G. [D-MD-4]*
Rep. Morelle, Joseph D. [D-NY-25]*
Rep. DeLauro, Rosa L. [D-CT-3]*
Rep. Maloney, Carolyn B. [D-NY-12]*
Rep. Keating, William R. [D-MA-9]*
Rep. Lynch, Stephen F. [D-MA-8]*
Rep. Moulton, Seth [D-MA-6]*
Rep. Pressley, Ayanna [D-MA-7]*
Rep. Trahan, Lori [D-MA-3]*
Rep. McGovern, James P. [D-MA-2]*
Rep. Davis, Danny K. [D-IL-7]*
Rep. Neal, Richard E. [D-MA-1]*
Rep. Clark, Katherine M. [D-MA-5]*
Rep. Pascrell, Bill, Jr. [D-NJ-9]*
Rep. Engel, Eliot L. [D-NY-16]
Rep. Norton, Eleanor Holmes [D-DC-At Large]

Note that Kennedy is at the top of the list.

This bill is designed to disarm the law-abiding citizens of the United States.  It's no more than a violation of our civil rights written down on paper by amoral elected leaders.  I'm going to speak out against it to my own elected tree-weasels, all of whom are black female hate machines.  I'll post any responses that I get back.


COVID-19 Question

If you believe the Ohio Department of Health, we now have 1,653 confirmed cases of Wuhan Flu in Ohio. 403 of these confirmed cases are in the hospital; 139 are in the ICU; 29 have cashed in their chips.

The median age of consumers in the hospital is 59, with 50% being male, 49% being female, and 1% being other.  If you have to ask about that last number, then you haven't been keeping up with Moonbat Social Media over the last ten years.

What commercial media hasn't been saying much about are the homeless population and the illegal immigrants.  I guess the illegals got wind of the Wuhan Flu and decided to settle in Mexico.  Or something.  But the homeless population?  If this Wuhan Flu were every bit as dangerous and contagious as the government seems to think it is, the virus would have ripped through the homeless population like a Kalifornia wildfire ripping through Paradise.  If it is, no one is reporting it.

As for me, I'm not worried about it.  I remain inside most of the time anyway (I don't like people all that much), and while I don't wash my hands as often as Adrian Monk, I'm getting a bit obsessive about it.

My thinking is that the best thing to do is break out the old RV and temporarily relocate to an Ohio county that has zero cases of COVID-19.  Park and stay a while.


When Some Kid Pulls a Gun

A young man pulled a pistol from his waistband and waved it at me today (Monday, March 23rd, 2020) in a threatening gesture.

Around 1:00 PM I went to Staples Office Supply store at 2321 Taylor Park Drive in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, which is a short drive from my home.  I found a stack of old income tax papers that I wanted to have shredded.  Unfortunately for me, Staples had closed down their shredding service due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Safety measures specify social distancing, a new phrase meaning 'stay at least six feet away from all people'.  I was irritated, as the cashier had told me that they'd shred my documents, which caused me to wait around for ten minutes or so for someone who never showed up.  Her manager contradicted her statement.  I shrugged and walked out.

Out in the parking lot on my way back to my car a teenage male approached to within 30 feet of me and asked for a light for his cigarette, displaying the unlit cigarette in his left hand.  He was a white male, about 16 years old, maybe six feet tall, thin build, with light brown curly hair worn long, below his collar.  He was wearing a bright red raincoat, jeans, and worn tennis shoes.  I categorized him as a possible homeless person working the parking lot and possibly looking for an opportunity to rob someone.  I told him I didn't have a light and I kept walking.  He continued to follow me.  I stopped, faced him, and told him to stay away, then turned and walked away from him.  He slowed his pace, but kept following.  I faced him and said, "I'm not kidding.  Stay away from me.  I'm armed."

He backed off, muttering nonsense to himself.  I couldn't make out the words.  He slowly walked back to Staples, still muttering.  I went to my car, opened the trunk and put my box inside.  When I looked back at him, he pulled a gun from his pocket and waved it at me, making sure I saw it.  It was a black automatic pocket pistol, probably a .380 of some kind.  Not rushing my movements, I got in my car and started it up.  He continued to wave the pistol around, and I pulled out of the lot and put about 100 yards distance between us.  I then stopped the car and dialed 9-1-1, where the 911 operator took my location and put me on hold.  I was on hold for so long I hung up and called back.  I got the same lady, asking her if anyone was coming.  She was slow to answer, and asked me if I wanted to speak to the police or just be an anonymous informant.  I assured her I was willing to talk to the police.

While I waited, the gunman concealed his pistol and paced up and down in front of Staples, finally going inside.  More time passed, and the gunman came out of Staples with an older lady.  They both got inside a dark colored SUV and left.  During this period I lost track of them due to traffic in the lot.  By the time the police showed up, they were gone.

I waited around and filled out a police report, and was dutifully thanked for being a good citizen.  I wasn't the only one to report this young thug; there were two other reports.

I have a license to carry in the State of Ohio.  My pistol is a FEG (Fegyver- és Gépgyártó Részvénytársaság ("Arms and Machine Manufacturing Company"), known as FÉG) PA-63 caliber 9x18 Makarov; it's a double action autoloader, holding 7 cartridges in the magazine.  I keep my pistol in the glove compartment of my car, in a military style flap holster which also holds one spare magazine.  It's loaded, but I don't keep a round in the chamber.  The little gun has a heavy trigger pull and kicks like hell, slamming into the web of your hand between the thumb and forefinger.

When I told the thug in training that I was armed, I wasn't telling the whole truth, as my pistol was in the glove compartment and the car was locked.  My theory on keeping my pistol put away rests on two factors:

One, a man I knew quite well and had a high regard for used to work as a bodyguard.  He carried a gun while on duty, and did not carry while off duty.  His reasoning is that if you carry a gun, sooner or later you're going to get yourself into a situation where you'll have to use it.  That's not a good thing to have happen.

Two, I always believed that anyone who needed a gun on my account would either have all the time in the world to get to it, or no time at all.

In this case I couldn't have seen this amateur gangster from inside the store.  I encountered him in the parking lot.  He was acting hinky when I first saw him.  He made me uncomfortable, and my instinct was correct.  He was a lot more dangerous than he appeared.

So the question becomes, had I been armed and packing my favorite pistol, what would I have done?  I'm not real sure.  If he took aim at me, I'd draw and open fire.  I'm late to the party, but I'm a good shot.  What if he didn't take aim?  What if he just waved it around?  I think I'd leave as quickly as I could.

The worst case in this scenario is that I get shot and either killed or turned into a quadriplegic with half a mind.  I'd be warehoused with no one to come and put a pillow over my face.  The second worst case is I shoot him and find out the gun is a toy and he used to be a mental defective, out for a little fresh air, but now he's fertilizer.  I'd probably be charged with murder and named in a civil suit.

I'm seriously thinking about buying a Ruger LCP in .380, which can be carried in a special holster in my back pocket without printing, and is easy to draw.  I'd pack heat everywhere.

Hindsight being 20/20, this whole thing turned out for the best where my well-being is concerned.  This little snot will pull his gun again, and use it in its primary office.  He'll kill or wound someone.  What he does is not my problem or my responsibility.

As for me, if someone threatens my life, I'll shoot and eliminate the threat.  I'll deal with the fallout after the fact.  Remember the litany:

I have done nothing wrong.
He tried to kill me.
I want my lawyer.
Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.


What Am I?

I am a white male istaphobe.   And proud of it.


On the Lecture Circuit

Here is a video of a licensed medical professional who is engaged in controlling the COVID-19 virus delivering a lecture about the virus and how to defend against it.

Dr. Brad Spellberg on COVID-19

This is one of those rare instances where the video really is worth the time it takes to watch it.  The questions from the audience have probably been screened for pertinence, and so contribute to the lecture.  What impressed me most about Dr. Spellberg is his preface and emphasis to several questions: We don't know.


WuFlu Cognitive Impairment

I can't remember where I picked up this particular label, but the acronym is WuFCI, and is pronounced wuff-see.  I'm blatantly using it without permission, but it's always better to seek forgiveness rather than ask permission.  In most cases, anyway.  So my sincere thanks to the designer or originator of this label.  It's a good one, and if you're reading this, know that you nailed the situation cleanly.

I wanted to give the current WuFCI situation a pass, for any number of reasons.  Mainly because everyone else is writing about it, and most are saying the same thing, only more better better than I'm able to articulate it.

Before repeating what everyone else has said, I think some recent history is in order.  About a week ago, the CDC summarized our current situation with this blurb:  Situation Summary as of March 12, 2020
From the article:

This is a new coronavirus.  The virus has been named “SARS-CoV-2” and the disease it causes has been named “coronavirus disease 2019”, which is abbreviated as “COVID-19”.

On January 31, 2020, United States Health and Human Services Secretary Alex M. Azar II declared a public health emergency (PHE) for the United States to aid the nation’s healthcare community in responding to COVID-19.  On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization publicly characterized COVID-19 as a pandemic.

Which I would compare to the morning rush hour traffic report in Columbus, Ohio.  The commercial media broadcast a variant of the same stories every morning, which summarize one or more accidents on I-70, I-71 and I-270 (the beltway).  Every accident comes down to the same thing: some ding-a-ling using his cellphone crosses paths with a rabid chipmunk who's tired of tailgating him.  Seeing an opportunity, the chipmunk opens it up, simultaneously passing both gas and ding-a-ling, then cuts him off by way of revenge.  Sadly, the ding-a-ling noticed the chipmunk overtaking him in the passing lane, and lizard brain kicked in.  By reflex, the ding-a-ling accelerated.  Two pieces of matter cannot occupy the same space at the same time, so the tires howl, horns blow, fenders get bent, and the airbags go off.  A few milliseconds later everyone who saw this happen is dialing nine-one-one - while they're driving and avoiding the rubber necking dildos who are slowing down and not watching the road, and who are trying to drive, see the blood, and dial nine-one-one all at the same time.  Every so often a dump truck gets involved and people go to the ER - or the morgue.

Four hours later the news of this wreck hits the commercial airwaves.  It's old news.

This is exactly what's happening with WuFCI.  We're late to the party, and no amount of playing catch-up is going to help.

The epicenter of this outbreak of WuFlu is in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China.  This would concern everyone a whole lot less than it does except that China built a few factories near Wuhan, and the Chinese government refuses to talk about just what it is those factories might be making.  All we know for sure is that shipments of lab animals go in one end and Popsicles® come out the other, and that Wuhan is where the shit hit the fan.  So the factories are probably making yo-yos, or cuckoo clocks, or maybe D-cell flashlight batteries.

But maybe not.

Here is Columbus, Ohio, we are so very fortunate to have the Columbus Board of Health, who wasted no time in hitching their float to the WuFCI parade.  Check the link as it amuses you to do so.

Coronavirus: Columbus Board of Health Declares Emergency

From the article:

The city of Columbus’ five-member Board of Health voted Friday to declare a citywide health emergency related to the coronavirus that under state laws will give city Health Commissioner Dr. Mysheika Roberts sweeping powers to fight the outbreak.

Local health departments have extensive power in emergencies to quarantine people, use police and deputize "quarantine guards" with police power to enforce their efforts if people don’t cooperate, force people to undergo examinations, and other powers designed "for the prevention of contagious or infectious disease," Ohio law says.

To Roberts’ knowledge, this has never been done in Columbus history, she said at a briefing today with Mayor Andrew J. Ginther. She emphasized that the department has no current plans to use these powers, "but we will do whatever it takes," Roberts said.

And from Our Fearless Buckeye Leader, Mike DeWine:

Gov. DeWine Gives Update on Coronavirus in Ohio

"We are not flying blindly," ODH (Ohio Department of Health) Director Amy Acton said. "We have science behind us; we have pandemic plans."

DeWine and Acton have issued multiple restrictions on residents in the past week, notably a ban on most gatherings of more than 100 people and a closure of all K-12 schools for three weeks.
They're not flying blind?  The hell they aren't.  DeWine and Acton effectively shut the city of Columbus down with only three confirmed cases of WuFlu known.  No gatherings of over 100 people, bars and restaurants closed until further notice, and the idiot hoi polloi stocking up on groceries that they'll never eat as if we're got a case of the New Black Death confirmed and several thousand more suspected.

Okay, I'm being a racist.  The New White Death confirmed... what is wrong with me, anyway?  I don't live right.

Seriously, from the Leftists at the CDC, there's a Situation Summary and some of it might be taken too seriously.

The complete clinical picture with regard to COVID-19 is not fully known.  Reported illnesses have ranged from very mild (including some with no reported symptoms) to severe, including illness resulting in death.  While information so far suggests that most COVID-19 illness is mild, a report out of China suggests serious illness occurs in 16% of cases.  Older people and people of all ages with severe underlying health conditions — like heart disease, lung disease and diabetes, for example — seem to be at higher risk of developing serious COVID-19 illness.
So the Chinese either don't know or aren't saying - take your pick.

And now, for all of you who skipped to the bottom (I don't blame you.  I'm a bit verbose here.), here's my own two cents.

If we, the great unwashed of the United States, actually have an epidemic among us, just how serious is the disease?  Is it a virus that mimics the Bubonic Plague, or is it someplace at the other end of the spectrum?  In this case, it's like getting a bad cold, and like the common cold, it's easy to spread the good news.

Hindsight being 20/20, if the government were going to do something to prevent COVID-19 from becoming a problem, they should have started last December.  The things to close first are borders (President Trump has been trying to do just that, but the Moonbats objected.  Until lately, that is.), schools in grades zero through 9, because by the time they get to high school they can be taught to behave themselves.  We hope.  Child care services get closed down, along with any buffet style restaurant.  So long Golden Corral; we'll miss you.

Tell the people how to behave and what to do.  Explain that there is no cure, but that we can treat the symptoms (pneumonia), and that the old and the infirm will be the first to go.  So you might want to postpone that family reunion which will joyfully reunite the little crotch goblins with their grandparents.

The government should also warn the people not to go nuts and start buying everything in sight off the grocery shelves or stockpiling ammunition.  The whole thing isn't like that.

Seriously?  Wash your hands like you have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and stay away from anyone who looks like they have a cold, or has small children with them.

Me, I'm wondering if this is a test case for government restrictions that could be reactivated later on for completely different reasons.  I'm reminded about the house to house confiscation of guns in NOLA after the Katrina mess.  That could never happen because we have civil rights and all.

I'm also waiting for the city of Columbus to declare martial law.

Here's one writer that's particularly good.  Check out  The Russian Concern by LL.  He writes well and he knows a lot about economics and finances.  I think he's worth a read.

Look!  It's 4:30 - but the bar is closed.


Dinner at Big Mike's

Last night NoFacebookEver Big Mike invited me over for dinner at his house.  I had an Old Fashioned infused with cinnamon smoke, followed by a gin sour with Beefeater gin, and white wine with dinner.  After dinner we had Ethiopian coffee - which you can't get anymore - and Drambuie straight up in a brandy snifter.

The dinner was magnificent.

Mike made shrimp étouffée, and I'm here to tell you that I had the absolute best étouffée available at any price in Columbus, Ohio.  A truly magnificent meal, and when I finally left for home, the leftover étouffée went with me.  Probably enough for a light lunch.

My thanks to Big Mike for his hospitality.

Today I went to my band new Kroger super store in the hope of picking up a very few items.  I pulled out at 10:00 AM and was back home by 11:00 AM, having found everything I was looking for - except paper towels.  I could use a roll of paper towels, but I can wait.

The most interesting part of this excursion was overhearing the cashier at the liquor store (inside Kroger's - it's Ohio law, and it's every bit as stupid as the elected officials who wrote it and the governor who signed it) say that Kroger's store manager closed the store down at 6:00 PM yesterday (Sunday, 3/15/2020) due to over-crowding.  Go figure.


Emergency! Emergency!

We got us a genuine nine-one-one mayday emergency here.  I just got word from a reliable source that there is right now, this very minute, a certified case of COVID-19 in Togo!

That's Togo, Africa.

Truly the world is coming to an end.

A few people, mainly medical scientists and statisticians, have a fairly good grasp of just how serious the Hong Kong Blues really is - but they're not talking.

Brian Joondeph has done his research and put together the pertinent facts in an article that bears reading.  He also cites his sources, all of which are as reliable as we can expect.

If you really want to know what's going on in the U.S. of A. regarding COVID-19, follow the link.

Coronavirus Codswallop -- By the Numbers by Brian C. Joondeph.

Two links from the article that are valuable:

CDC Leading Causes of Death

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Dashboard


Buddy, Can You Spare a C-Note?

I graduated High School in 1970, mainly because they didn't want to see my ugly pan in the principal's office every other morning, truancy being the reason for the office visits, and a genuine hatred of being in prison being the reason for truancy.  Back then public school was based on the prison model, with the school teachers as the prison guards and the principal as the warden.  Rules of conduct were applied arbitrarily, as was the punishment for infractions of same.  The guards favored corporal punishment - you got a beating when when of the guards took a dislike to you.

Think I'm kidding?  Ask anyone from that era who attended public school.  I hear Catholic school was worse.

Private school was a good deal different.  Several of my close friends attended Maumee Valley Country Day School, including my brother Shotgun Bob.  So naturally I'm on their mailing list.

Right, reason, or none, I got invited to the 86th Annual... well, just look at the picture below.  I'm invited to have lunch with a group of pretentious people I don't know, don't want to know, and wouldn't like if I did know.  Then they make a big pitch for money, then they hold you up until you give them a five figure personal check (six figures if you have real class - like the mule said to the jackass, You got class!).

86th Annual Money Drive
Being bored, I took a look inside.  Here we have Steven Ashley, who works with PBS and various other Moonbat groups.  He's quite accomplished, is Steve.

Steven Ashley

Then I took a gander at the list of award winners, and my perusal slammed to a stop with the same feeling you get when you've been watching interviews with famous double-entry bookkeepers and suddenly get a clip from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.


Carleton S. Finkbeiner?  Carty has an award and it isn't for Most Demented Village Idiot?

This is the same Carty Finkbeiner that made national news when he suggested that moving deaf people to the Toledo Express Airport was a valid solution to noise complaints from the neighbors when the airport traffic increased.

Ohio Mayor Regrets Remark on Deafness by The Associated Press.
Mayor Carty Finkbeiner suggested at a staff meeting that a way to resolve complaints about airport noise would be to move deaf people into the neighborhood.
This is the same old Carty that kicked the U.S. Marines out of Toledo without any warning at all, because they were scaring people.

Mayor kicks Marines out of Toledo

From the article:
Mayor Carty Finkbeiner on Friday ordered some 200 members of Company A, 1st Battalion, 24th Marines from Grand Rapids, Michigan, out of Toledo just before the unit was supposed to start a weekend of urban warfare training downtown.The mayor’s spokesperson, Brian Schwartz said, “The mayor asked them to leave because they frighten people. He did not want them practicing and drilling in a highly visible area."
People objected, so the silly sonuvabitch did a live interview on Detroit radio and dropped the F-bomb when the interviewer asked him about the situation with the Marines.

Toledo mayor's profanity aired on live radio in Detroit
Mr. Finkbeiner uttered the "f-word" followed by "ruckus" to describe the "few days" after his order last week to cancel a Marine Corps weekend-long urban warfare exercise in downtown Toledo and in some abandoned buildings.
Carty's a Democrat.  The stupid Moonbats reelected him, and he promptly pulled all kinds of crap, some of which was illegal, so residents of the gravel pit with an ounce or more of sanity remaining to them tried to unseat him with a recall vote.  Their petition was disallowed by the Moonbat court of Ohio on a technicality, but the backlash from Carty was beyond the pale.

Imaging you get home from work, park your heap in your own driveway, on your own land, and get a parking ticket.  Couldn't happen, right?  Guess again.

Ohioans ticketed for parking in own driveways
TOLEDO, Ohio – Residents of Toledo, Ohio, are complaining that they received $25 tickets for parking their vehicles in their own driveways.
Mayor Carty Finkbeiner (FINK'-by-ner) says he stands by the citations handed out last week by the Division of Streets, Bridges and Harbor. He says the tickets were issued under a city law against parking on unpaved surfaces, including gravel driveways.
The three-term mayor faces a recall vote in November. Critics have claimed he's wasted city money.
There's a bunch of other stuff that you won't see on the commercial media.  Like, for instance, the night that Carty got into a drunken domestic brawl with his first wife and broke her wrist, then made a deal with her not to reveal the injury or talk about it to the paper.  She got treated in Fulton County.

Carty used to work for TMHC (Toledo Mental Health Clinic).  When he left for greener pastures, his remaining staff all got T-shirts that said I Survived the Finkbeiner Administration.

The real coup de grâce to all this is that Carty was some kind of a guest speaker at Shotgun Bob's graduation, and opened the floor to questions from the kiddies.  I suppose Carty thought he'd get questions like Is if fun to be mayor of Toledo? and Do you get to ride in a real police car and blow the siren?

The kids peppered him with questions about economic development, deficit spending, the cost of bonds for capital improvements, the velocity of money, and the morality of eminent domain.

When Carty couldn't answer any of the questions he had a meltdown and lost his temper.

If you want your child to get an education at Maumee Valley, you should know that the Tuition for grades K - 12 is $275,850, plus miscellaneous fees.

I make no comments or judgments on the value received, but for that kind of money the staff should do a whole lot better than to give a bottom feeder like Carty any kind of award or honorarium at all.


Dweezil Zappa in Concert

A few months back my brother Big Mike informed me that Dweezil Zappa (the late Frank Zappa's son) was on tour and playing Frank's music.  The tour was landing in Columbus in March, and I was going.

I know - pictures or it didn't happen.  Keep reading, oh ye of little faith.

My Ticket from TicketBastards
I know, everyone has a right to make a living, and you can just go somewhere else, and on and on.  I don't care.  These people are class A dicks.

And now for the concert pictures, some of which are a good deal better than others.

Click on any photo for a better view!

The Crowd at the Lincoln Theater

Note the Average Age
I took these two to show the average age of the crowd, which I found both reassuring on one hand and disquieting on the other.  The good news is that everyone is too old to take a bunch of recreational drugs and experiment with new combinations of same while watching a concert, which practically guarantees the rest of us won't have any weird behavior.  Also, if someone is feeling sick, they'll stay home rather than inflict themselves on everyone else.  The bad news is that virtually everyone is my age or older, and is going to see a band who is faithfully reproducing music from the late 1960s which defined the terms avant-garde and psychedelic.  How old am I, anyway?

The Band as Seen From Our Seats
We had great seats, in my mind anyway.  I didn't care to get too close to the band, as I'm already partially deaf from years of shooting without ear or eye protection.  The theater has been given a great renovation, and the lighting around the stage highlights the Egyptian look.

The Band with Different Lighting

The Vocalist

The Vocalist, Dweezil (right of center), and Hidden Musician
Just behind the curly haired vocalist, whose name I can't remember and don't feel like looking up just now, is another musician.  He played keyboards and guitar, but otherwise remained in hiding.

Vocals and Keyboard
The vocalist played keyboards, guitar, and percussion.  You can just make out a stray tom-tom and several nondescript percussion instruments behind him.

Lady on the Right
She's very versatile, playing flute, keyboard, percussion, clarinet, and saxophone.  I think that's a bass saxophone she's got next to her; she played it several times during the concert and had a nice tone with it.

And now... Dweezil!

Dweezil Zappa

Dweezil Playing a Solo

Dweezil Trading Guitar Licks
If you look at all three of these, you'll note that Dweezil has really changed much, if at all.  This is what you'll see when Dweezil is in concert.  He just stands there and plays without any animation at all.  It isn't that he's bored, it's just the way things are.

The concert was a truly excellent show - if you like Zappa.  If you don't like Zappa, you shouldn't be here.  You won't enjoy yourself, and you're sucking up space and oxygen that someone else would dearly love to have.  While the venue isn't a stadium, it was sold out.  Since neither Mike nor I had ever been to the Lincoln Theater, we didn't know what to expect.  The acoustics are not the greatest; the mid-range is fuzzy and the upper range gets somewhat distorted.  The bass comes through nicely, but you don't notice this until you hear the bass sax played.  I blame part of this on the theater construction, and a large part on the mental midgets playing with the sound board.  The sound board people will never be the sharpest knives in the rack, and these idiots were no exception.

The theater has balcony seating, which is really worth getting in the case of a concert.  About halfway through the concert I put my ear plugs in, which helped considerably.  The sound level started out just fine, but it kept increasing as the show neared completion, and ended at a skull splitting level that did nothing to enhance the music.

I was tired by the end of it, and passed up the offer of a nightcap at Big Mike's place.  This is rare for me, but the traffic on the beltway has more than its share of crazy people, drunks, and unbelievably bad drivers.  The cops are getting serious about this drunk driving business, and they'll pull you over on speculation - doing 67 in a 65, or weaving back and forth, line to line - then demand you take a breathalyzer when you fail to recite the English alphabet in reverse order, omitting every third letter - a task none of them is capable of.  Then there's always the chance of getting hit, and just try explaining to any cop that you're tired, not drunk.

So I took a pass on the drink, got home safely and fell into bed. 

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


But, but, I tried SO HARD!!!

Which is why we have participation trophies, Petey-Sweety.

Keep reading with the usual warning about off-color politically insensitive and racially... whatever.

Buttigieg Ends Historic Presidential Campaign, Urges Unity

From the article:

He [Butt-Jigger - MJ] didn’t endorse any of his former rivals, though he and Biden traded voicemails on Sunday. Buttigieg has spent the past several weeks warning that nominating progressive leader Bernie Sanders to take on President Donald Trump would be risky.
What (s)he means is that nominating crazy uncle Bernie to lead the pack to the roses presumes the stress won't kill him outright, or drive him further around the bend than he already is.  Mind you, the first would clearly preclude the second, which would be a good thing - I suppose.  I'm just waiting for Hitlery to jump in here somewhere and maybe run as vice.

For my part, I'm not ready to accept a screamin' queen for any kind of public office, and this one was an overt whiner.  I'm glad he's history.

Big Mike had a slightly different take on the situation, but he's more tolerant than I am.

If I got to have a gay president, he/she/it need to be a pitcher not a catcher.  I'm pretty sure Hildebeast and the Iron Lady (Margret Thatcher) wear/wore the Steely Dan in their relationships.

- Big Mike


The Game is Afoot!

In October of 2019 I wrote about a Kickstarter project that involved releasing a new game.  You can read the blog post here, at Important! Read this one.... Well, the male's in. Keep reading for a brief, completely insensitive in every way summary.

Virtue Signal, the game of ridiculing everything and everyone from nine irons and beaners through chili slurping fat ladies, lazy ass porch monkeys and finishing with a record slam of good Christian conservative right-white red-blooded American males - including old, fat, and ugly ones.

Virtue Signal - The Game
I haven't played it yet, but game night is coming up and given that Big Mike has two copies, I'm sure we're going to give this one a very thorough play testing.

I think this is probably going to work best with five players, but we'll see.  From what I've read of the rules, the game lends itself well to beer, pretzels, and witty off-color jokes made by men about everyone else.

Real Socialism is on the 2020 Ballot
Sorry - I meant to write made by white men about everyone else.  Although, in all sincerity, I'm betting I knew a few women who'd be good at it and enjoy themselves.  Not Migraine One, and not my ex-Main Lady (who is a licensed clinical psychologist and is crazy as a shit house rat), but there are a few out there.  Such women would be welcome to throw their feet under my dining room table anytime at all, and put a dent in my top shelf whiskey collection.

Watch for a review of this game as it amuses you to do so.


RFI False Statistics

My site is hosted by Blogger, mainly because I didn't know what else to do when I originally started this mess.  There have been a few potholes in my driveway, but not much I couldn't handle.

Until now.

Now, and by that I mean over the past 90 days, I notice that some of my posts are getting pageviews or hits that I strongly suspect come from a bot.  My reasoning is that certain restaurant reviews are much more popular than anyone would expect, and while I (so far) have no way of telling just who it is that's looking at which post and for how long, I know that some of the Referring URLs and Referring Sites are from such URLs as http://aubepine.best/ and http://arrent.best/ (actual site names).

There are others, but all have the .best suffix.  When I click on one, I sometimes get a page that displays phone numbers.  Suffice to say, I'd like to block these idiots, whoever they may be.

Would someone with a good deal more knowledge than I have point me in the right direction?


Quora Question: Dear Mad Jack...

An idle mind is something I can't remember just now, but I, personally, am easily bored to the point of distraction.  When that happens I sometimes point my trusty browser at Quora, just to generate a few laughs, bent minds, and fractured tempers.

Sometimes my answers get deleted by the ever-alert Quora Censorship Crew.  Other times they're either drunk or high (I suspect the latter) and my contribution of the overall knowledge of mankind remains unmolested - until some moonbat sees it and complains.

Keep reading as it amuses you to do so.

Advice for the Lovelorn

Advice for a Pseudo Journalist 

The Family Closet

That last one is actually a true story.  The woman owned a large house in Toledo, Ohio, and when the Great Depression hit the Toledo area, everything vanished.  A few people had money, and the men that did knew how to spend it.  So... a girl has to eat.


Socialism Defined

I rarely post someone else's comment or article in its entirety unless I'm giving it a caustic fisking.  However-comma I tripped over my breakfast bourbon and found this worthwhile gem on The Smallest Minority, Quote of the day - Not Real Socialism Edition, which in turn referenced a lengthy comment by Larry Correia, the author of Monster Hunter Nation and other works.

Keep reading if you're a moonbat, SJW, rabid left wing follower, and you're spoiling for a flame war.  The rest of you should know that there are links to pictures below the fold, and such pictures are not suitable for the office.  In fact, it's my personal goal to ensure that nothing you'll find in this collection of zeroes and ones is suitable for the office.

The article from The Smallest Minority: Bernie has it right

From the comment by author Larry Correia:

I keep seeing this idiotic thing where "socialism" is used as a synonym for "government". So if you like fire departments or roads, you're a socialist...
BULLSHIT. These people drive me insane.
Government and its many programs all existed before Karl Marx. Socialism has an actual definition, and it isn't this mealy mouthed, wishy-washy, nebulous, feel good, gibberish people use today. It actually means something.
Going back to the men who created the philosophy, socialism means that regular "value" isn't what drives economics, instead production is coordinated through central government planning. That's the key element. Duh.
In other words, you take decisions away from the people/the market who would normally make them based upon what they value, and instead put those decisions in the hands of government. This is why Bernie is offended by there being too many brands of deodorant.
It isn't social programs. It isn't roads. It isn't fire departments. Or any other project governments have spent tax money on for thousands of years. If it was just that stuff they'd call themselves democrats/republicans in the US and this wouldn't be an issue.
But Bernie calls himself a socialist for a reason, and words mean things. Socialism isn't a blank slate for you to scribe your dreams on.
Which is why almost everybody who has actually studied history at all thinks actual socialism (as opposed to your fluffy magic unicorn version) is evil, while those who have studied history and still want it are wannabe totalitarians and statists who think it sounds awesome, because they assume they're going to be the ones in charge. Then they sell the fluffy unicorn version of socialism to the useful idiots. They tell you it's social programs and fairness, when actual reality is bread lines, inefficiency, and eventually gulags and firing squads.
Chris Matthews and James Carville are flaming liberals, but they've studied enough history to know that socialism is a terrifying evil. That should be a clue to all of you who normally identify as liberal, but who've been snookered into thinking socialism is innocuous.
And no, Denmark isn't socialist, when even the PM of Denmark has to come out and say, Hey Bernie Bros, quit using us as an example of socialism, because we're actually a traditionally capitalist nation with a lot of social programs.
Because again, socialism isn't a synonym for government. Whenever you treat it as such, you're being a useful idiot. When you say you prefer socialism, it's actually you saying you want the government to be in charge of everyone's business, because you think freedom is icky. (which is also why that declaration gets such a strong reaction from everyone who actually knows what socialism is)
This ignorance is partly the right's fault for knee jerk reaction calling every government program socialist. However, they are right to do so if the program is designed to take freedom/decisions away from people/business, and instead have the government make those decisions for them. That would be socialist.
This is also why polls show young people prefer "socialism", because they're thinking of the fluffy unicorn version they've been sold. When you narrow it down and ask about specific policies, it turns out they don't want the government telling them where/how/what they can do with their lives, while some unaccountable faceless bureaucrat decides what their time/labor/effort is worth.
If you're just in favor of social programs and safety nets, the democrat party is thataway (and don't blame me that they suck! That's on them!). But don't let the DNC's suckiness confuse you into supporting a system which has been one of the greatest, actual evils in human history.
Which supports an observation I've made several times over the years, generally referring to the unwarranted attacks on law abiding civilians.  There are certain people in this country who actually want someone else to direct and regulate their lives.  Someone of authority who everyone else loudly proclaims as right - meaning true and correct.  It doesn't matter just what they are promoting; what matters is being able to blindly obey that person or group and know that you are a part of the moral correctness that you worship.

Religious cults require this kind of devotion.  Political parties are tipping to the fact that mindless devotion is a desirable quality.  We, the Great Unwashed, were privileged (even if you're white) to watch this applied theory when the Ayatollah Obongo was elected back in 2008; in 2009 Himself was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for no real reason at all - well, because they said it was a good thing.

Last election we saw the emergence of individuals who think for themselves and Donald Trump moved into the double wide on Pennsylvania Avenue - after it was disinfected and deodorized.  The racket accompanying this move was not a high school marching band - it was a moonbat migration.

Well, it's time for a late lunch.  Thanks for reading.


Coronavirus - Hyperbola, Misdirection, or Something Else

The now infamous coronavirus (officially COVID-19) is here to stay and we're all in for a long haul. 

If you're susceptible to respiratory diseases, the Bayou Renaissance Man has a decent article on
respirators and breathing masks, but the long and short of it is that unless you're a U.S. Government
official with plenty of clout, or you're a billionaire, you're hosed.  The great unwashed, huddled masses, hoi polloi, common people, or just plain poor working stiffs, all of you are well and truly hosed.  No masks are available, but most of them don't work anyway.

Not that you or I could afford such a thing, but any mask that actually works isn't available for sale - they're all made in China, you see, and China has declared these things are a natural resource or something.  Meaning that the government owns all of 'em, and the Chinese government isn't sharing.

So what do we do?  Well, check out the link as it amuses you to do so, but I warn you that the author is not a medical doctor.  He does, however, have a good deal of experience surviving in a hostile, plague and pestilence infested environment (which is slang for a real shit-hole country) and he knows what it takes to walk out.  Check this story from Peter Grant:

Coronavirus, breathing masks, and respirators: the facts

Maybe a bit better yet, you can also check this video, which features a real medical doctor who knows what he's talking about.

So how bad is it, really?  If you believe Reuters, the smart money is betting against the shooter, so to speak.

China sees fall in coronavirus deaths, WHO urges caution

Chinese officials reported 1,886 new cases - the first time the daily figure has fallen below 2,000 since Jan. 30 - bringing the mainland China total to 72,436. A figure of 98 new deaths marked the first time the daily toll in China had fallen below 100 since Feb. 11, bringing the total to 1,868.
World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said Chinese data “appears to show a decline in new cases” but any apparent trend “must be interpreted very cautiously”.
Outside China, there have been 827 cases of the disease, known as COVID-19, and five deaths, according to a Reuters count based on official statements. More than half of those cases have been on a cruise ship quarantined off Japan.
My own thought, such as it is, is that commercial media isn't thinking.  No surprise there, right?

Consider that the coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China, which, by the strangest coincidence
imaginable, is where a super double-top-secret publicity-sensitive military R and D facility is
located.  Well, surprise-surprise!  A new virus has unexpectedly sprung up out of nowhere, and it didn't originate in Africa.

China opened the show in a major fashion, which did not include an announcement that a brand new strain of the common cold has been discovered, but this one runs its course in three days - unless you're a bi-racial dwarf, in which case it's ten days.  No worries; it's harmless.

Nope.  China quarantined a bunch of places, including entire towns.  Then someone on a cruise ship came down with it, and the entire ship anchored offshore and was quarantined.

Consider the population of China is 1.386 billion (1,386,000,000,000), while the population of Wuhan is 11.08 million (11,080,000).  By comparison, the population of NYC is around ten million.  The number of people dead due to coronavirus is 1,873, which is 0.0169 percent - about two one-hundredths of one percent - of the population of Wuhan.  China itself probably loses more people to dog bites than to coronavirus, and yet the government is quarantining towns, parts of cities, and major tourist attractions such as Disney!!! and the Great Wall.

My question: Why is China over-reacting?

The standard answer is that Chinese officials are lying about the numbers.  Well, probably so.  But even if they are, and even if the real numbers are four of five times the number reported - so what?  The number of deaths and illnesses still isn't significant.

I have no good answer for this.  I suspect that the entire coronavirus epidemic and emergency is, perhaps, a misdirection.  A ruse to keep the rest of the world watching one way while the real action takes place somewhere else.

Or maybe this isn't just coronavirus.  Maybe something else got loose at the same time, and this something else is a black plague variant for which there is no cure, nor an effective vaccine.  Kind of far fetched, isn't it?

Any other ideas or facts, I'm willing to listen.


Impeachment, Election, and the Verdict

The Demonic Left is a long way from surrender, preferring to return on their shield rather than with it.  As a result, they have no one to run in the 2020 race to the double-wide parked on the large lot at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C.  What a fucking shame.

Continue at your own peril.  Brace yourself for racist insults, profane language, and prejudiced opinions along with facts that are not suitable for work.  SJWs may require therapy.

We, the Great Unwashed, are living in interesting times, although you would have to be born in the 1950s to see it. Consider recent history for a minute.

1973: Spiro Tee Agnew.  He was Tricky Dick’s VP.  Charged with tax evasion and a slew of bribery charges, Agnew quietly resigns and takes up stamp collecting.  And that was that.

1974: Watergate. Tricky Dick… everyone knows this one.  The point here is that Tricky Dick resigned rather than be impeached and found guilty (he chose exile rather than falling on his sword).  His original VP, old Spiro Tee, was dodging summonses about tax evasion, so Gerald Ford takes over. When Ford took office, he could have never seen this coming in a million years.

1978: Jonestown Massacre.  U.S. Congressman Leo Ryan (D) visits Georgetown, Guyana to investigate human rights violations by a religious cult headed up by professional screwball and sanguinary psychotic Jim Jones. While he's investigating, Ryan is assassinated and members of his group are shot.  A few survive, and one grew up to be a professional Moonbat in California.  The U.S. Government fails to respond to the assassination in any kind of military manner; if this event had taken place 20 years earlier, a platoon of US Marines would have landed and given air support as needed until the entire business got sorted out.  My point is that a country does not allow visiting elected officials to come to harm in the middle of a jungle - but that's what happened, and there were no reprisals when there should have been.

1986: Iran-Contra scandal, which refers to members of President Ronald Reagan's staff selling weapons to Iran (which activity the US Congress had previously prohibited), then using the profit to fund the Contras (revolutionaries) in Nicaragua.  The thinking was that selling weapons to Iran would make the 'terrorists' more willing to give up US hostages, while finding the Contras at the same time would win their support for their friends in the U.S. of A. - a sort of everybody wins something strategy.  It didn't work, and the Cowboy in DC got a pass.  Which was kinda right and kinda not, but the persecution lacked facts - something that would have never slowed them down today.

1998: Slick Willy plays hide the salami with Monica Lewinsky.  Old Slick lied to Congress about it (what do you mean by 'sex', anyway?) when he should have told them that it was none of their damn' business and offered to step outside with the loudest voices in the room.  Congress impeached him, but they failed to convict, while the First Lady failed to bean him with an ash tray, which might be seen as a harbinger of future events.

These events were serious at the time, but compared to the events happening today, they’re laughable.

What we’ve seen is an attempted coup, perpetrated by one political party for the sole reason that their candidate, ex-First Lady Hillary Clinton, lost the 2016 Presidential election.  I suppose it didn’t help that commercial media predicted Herself’s victory in a landslide, nor did it help that Herself was completely overcome by a fit of temper (or a fifth of Scotch) on election day and couldn’t come forward to thank her supporters.

This attack on a sitting President is the sort of thing that happens in a banana republic – a ‘shit-hole country’ as our President might call it.  He’d be right, too.

The Democrats lied and fabricated evidence many times.  They tried to torpedo our President twice, and both attempts failed completely.  This is an entire political party comprised of spineless, licentious men and women who have never known a shred of personal morality in their entire lives.

They are, one and all, truly damned.

And we have to live with them a while longer.


Curtis Reeves Trial

I wrote about this case before, and it looks like the wheels of justice and continuing to grind away, but in my own arrogant opinion a fossilized snail could overtake these wheels at the first turn.

Trial Date Set For Man Accused Of Fatally Shooting Another Man Inside Florida Movie Theater

From the article:

Curtis Reeves Jr., 77, faces a second-degree murder charge in the trial slated to begin Oct. 5 in Pasco County. Prosecutors and defense attorneys agreed the trial would likely last three weeks.
Reeves had sought protection from prosecution under Florida’s “stand your ground” law, but after a two-week hearing in 2017, a judge ruled he was not eligible for immunity. Shortly thereafter, the state changed the law, switching the burden of proof from the defense to the prosecution. Reeves’ attorneys argued the change warranted a redo of the hearing. So the case was stagnant as the judge waited for guidance from the Florida Supreme Court about whether a new hearing was required.
Reeves, a retired Tampa police captain, was 71 when the shooting took place. He will be 78 if the trial starts as scheduled later this year.
May, 2019 - Curtis Reeves Chad Oulson Shooting - Slow Progress

From the post:
Curtis Reeves, a 71 year old retired police captain, was at the Cobb Grove 16 Theater in Wesley Chapel, Florida with his wife. Chad Oulson, a 41 year old, physically fit, hardworking man, was at the same movie with his wife, and was sitting in front of Reeves. During the pregame show Chad was texting someone, Curtis objected, and words were exchanged. The short of it is that Reeves had a container of popcorn which Oulson seized and threw at him.
So Reeves shot Oulson with a .380 automatic and killed him.
That was in January of 2014, about six years ago.

This is ridiculous.  Reeves was too used to being obeyed instantly and with enthusiasm.  Failure to do so resulted in a good old fashioned hickory massage, as provided by Reeves and his partner(s) in his early years, and by the officers at his beck and call in his later years.  Stepping outside to settle things was not an option for Reeves as Oulson would have adjusted his attitude in a New York minute, leaving a schoolyard bruise and 200-plus pounds of wounded pride behind him.

So Reeves shot and killed him.  That'll teach him!

Preparation for this trial might take a few weeks, and the trial itself three to five days.  Sentence Reeves to 25 to life and let that be an end to it.  Instead, because of Reeves's background in law enforcement, we'll get infinite delays that will end with Reeves being placed on community control for five years, a few thousand hours of community service, and a hefty fine.  No jail time, though.


Legal Weed

I often read Knuckledraggin My Life Away. The man is unbelievable for some of the stunts he's pulled and lived to tell about.  I'd say he's a damned liar, but his stories have the ring of truth to them - it's not he always walks away unscathed. Anyway, here's one of his latest reads:

But legalizing weed will make the crime rate drop!, which is concerned with legalizing pot and the unintended consequences.

Grow your own pot - right. On the surface it sounds like a wonderful idea, but then you either get to thinking about it, or you actually try it in your own backyard, and you'll find out it's a whole lot easier to buy an ounce than it is to grow it.  Quality, for one thing.  For another, as many point out, your neighbors will hassle you and try to steal your crop.  Just one or two plants - that's all!  So you have to implement security.

The only problem with buying pot (legal pot, that is) is the taxes.  Country Joe down the street can, and is willing to, sell me an ounce of quality weed a whole lot cheaper than I can buy it from the pot store, and the quality is just as good.  So... cash only, just like in the pot store.

I actually thought about growing my own, but as much as I smoke (none - right now, anyway) it just isn't worth the expenditure and the effort.  For one thing, I don't know what I'm doing, I have no backyard, and I just don't feel like learning anything new that I'm going to screw up several times before I get it right.

The same is true of whiskey.  Yes, I could distill my own.  Yes, it's a lot of work - sort of.  But the thing is, you don't get eighty proof aged bourbon out of your mad scientist layout; you get 150 proof rocket fuel.  I actually know a guy who did this, and he and his friends got 190 proof forty rod which the geniuses then mixed with Kool-Aid before imbibing any of it.  According to my friend, whose name will remain a mystery, you couldn't really drink any of it straight out of the bottle.  They tried.

Anyway, having laws against growing your own wacky to-baccy in Ohio and a neighbor who couldn't keep his yap shut about it is how my own blog got started.  Check it out if you like: 

Who knew that this would be the start of something?

I can hardly believe it's been ten years, but it has.


Bigfoot Sighting!

The news is out.  We now have proof positive that Bigfoot (Sasquatch, Swamp Thing, whatever...) actually, really exists!

Only the critter in the photo is a fake.  Keep reading and I'll spill the beans all over the rug.

Bigfoot Photo Courtesy of Washington State DOT
Here's the incriminating evidence, as taken by a traffic cam in Washington State.  Nice, huh?  Only it isn't Bigfoot.  This isn't a what; it's a who.  This is actually Glen Filthie from the Thunderbox, sneaking across the Canadian border for a load of decent beer, and a bottle or two of whiskey.  Don't believe me?  Just look at that fur coat he's wearing.

I don't blame him.  If you ever drink that swill the Canuks call beer, you'd be back across the border in a New York minute, getting yourself a decent drink.

Me, I'm more than fashionably late for happy hour.  Here's how!


Let the Punishment Fit the Crime

Or, the screwin' ya get fer the screwin' ya got, as a wise old barfly advised me when I was just a tad.  He was talking about divorce and was somewhat bitter about it, which I couldn't understand then but am fully cognizant of now.  This is, of course, the man's point of view.  I imagine the woman's is somewhat different and might be more to the point.  Something along the lines of, 'Come near me again you sonuvabitch and I'll drop you with a deer rifle.'  At least if she has any sense and is fed up with being a combination dumping ground and punching bag for his worthless and ignorant, drunken and tar-heel stupid, just-got-fired-from-my-job-again fat ass.

That last is a bit verbose.  Any women wasting their time reading this feel free to help me out in the comments section.

The rest is a rant about the disciplinary action taken against two police officers regarding the Stormy Daniels arrest.  Read at your own risk.

Two Columbus Officers Fired Over Stormy Daniels Arrest
From the article:

...Steven Rosser, 43, a 19-year veteran, and Whitney Lancaster, 57, a member of the division for 32 years. In addition, Lt. Ronald Kimmerling, 51, a 24-year veteran, was suspended for six weeks, and Sgt. Scott Soha, 43, who has been with the division for 17 years, received a three-week suspension.
Prior to the November 2016 presidential election, Stormy Daniels (AKA Stephanie Clifford) claimed she'd been playing hide the salami with US Presidential Candidate Donald Trump - about ten years back.  Rather than have her vanish or commit suicide or fall victim to bad wiring during the filming of her next artistic endeavor, Trump's personal attorney paid Stormy $130 large to get lost and stay that way.  Like anyone would be able to keep this little gem hidden from the Moonbat press.

A bit off the subject, but I'd like to point out that President Donald Trump's wife, Melania, never threw anything at her husband in the middle of all this - unlike old Slick Willy who was almost brained by Hitlery with an ash-tray in the bedroom.

Sirens Gentleman's Club
On July 11th of 2018, porn actress Stormy Daniels came to Columbus, Ohio and strutted her stuff at the Sirens Gentleman’s Club. It turns out that the vice squad of the Columbus PD was in the audience (imagine that!) and busted Stormy along with two other performers for violating the Ohio Look but Don't Touch law.

So Stormy's in the slammer.

As it ultimately shakes out, the arrests were bad, probably were politically motivated in one case, and Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein dropped the charges like a live grenade.

However-comma, Stormy has a lawyer who files a Federal suit, and the Columbus City Council folded up faster than a soaking wet cardboard box during the monsoon season in Vietnam.
Stormy got a settlement of $450,000 which she split with her attorney, and shook the dust of Columbus off her pretty feet.

Which, if you've been following right along, leaves the Columbus City Council looking stupid, and the CPD looking even stupider.  The Vice Unit got broken up, and the four cops involved in the arrest got unsuitably punished.  In particular:

  1. Officer Steven Rosser, age 43 with 19 years on the force, got fired.
  2. Officer Whitney Lancaster, age 57 with 32 years on the force, got fired.
  3. Lieutenant Ronald Kimmerling, age 51 with 24 years on the force, was suspended for six weeks.
  4. Sergeant Scott Soha, age 43 with 17 years on the force, was suspended for three weeks.

If you believe the local bird cage liner, Rosser was the one who fucked it all up.  The genius posted a bunch of pro-Trump crap on FaceBook and Twitter, and he works for a light-in-the-loafers local government, all of whom are firmly ensconced in Left Field.  The man's a genius.  Trust me, I know these things.

My real gripe here is that these sentences are over-the-top too stiff.  All these cops are over 40, which means their employment options in law enforcement are limited due to their august years.  Then there's the little matter of their pension.

To work your entire adult life at a job that requires you to associate with the very worst society has to offer, and to be patient with the countless assholes you and I see in traffic every single day, takes the patience of Job and the wisdom of Solomon.  I couldn't do it; I'd have given one hickory massage too many at the end of the first year and been terminated for racial discrimination or something.  Put all that time in, and then lose it all because you bust some low-life stripper who should've had the crap slapped out of her on the ride to the sneezer, and find out that the city council is too lily-livered to back you up?  That's just plain wrong.

Yeah, civil rights.  Yeah, extenuating circumstances.  If the chief of police had to punish these men, which he might have had to, give each of them a one week suspension with pay along with mandatory anger management training.  Add dealing with the mentally ill training as a sort of social statement to the Mayor and his butt-buddies.

I hear these sentences will be appealed to an arbitrator.  I hope so, and I hope that the arbitrator changes the sentences to something reasonable.


Want To Know What's Really Happening in Sweden?

The Ludicrous Left wants you to believe that the Swedish government is so kind and generous that they took in a few overcrowded tramp steamers full of Muslim refugees, and everything is going along so well that the intelligent, progressive world societal experts at Time Magazine designated Greta Thunberg at the 2019 Person of the Year.  Now everyone is sitting around singing...

Keep going.  There's a great link below the fold, and as usual this post is not safe for anyone at work, or who lacks the hide of a rhinoceros or the sensitivity of a hungry badger.

California Dave put me on to this link.  Mind you, I rarely watch YouTube posts, preferring my lies and misconceptions to be fed to me by commercial media, underground publications, and short-tempered bloggers like myself.

However comma.

This one is truly worth watching.  Gen explains what the average Swede thinks about Greta Thunberg and about the real backlash from accepting Islamic terrorists as refugees, and... well, it's a 10 minute video, but if it were 60 minutes I'd watch the whole thing.  Go ahead, then leave a comment and tell me what you really think.

What is really happening in Sweden, Greta? by Jellybean Gen.

From the video: It´s convinient [STET] that Greta Thunberg is from Sweden, so that the politicians here can ignore the real issues for a moment.

English is not Gen's primary language. That said, her English is better than the mudflaps and nine irons that Glen Filthie has to tolerate on a regular basis.


Rant - V.P. Mike Pence and the Family Feud

You can pick your friends, but you can't pick your family.  A great truism that I'm reminded of every so often.  Like last night, for instance.

The rest of this is largely a rant, not safe for work, and is not politically correct.  This is the official trigger warning to any thin skinned SJW that stumbled across this site by accident and when told not to pull the trigger because the gun is loaded - pulls the trigger.

Keep reading as it amuses you to do so.

One of the best restaurants in Toledo is the eponymous Schmucker's Restaurant, which was started in 1948 by Harvey and Nola Schmucker.  It's still owned by the Schmucker family, with grandson Doug Schmucker as the general manager.  Schmucker's is famous for the homemade pie, but like the pie, everything in the place is made from scratch.  So the food's great.  And, as far as I know, the entire staff and family are all Christians.

On Thursday, January 9th, 2020, President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence came to Toledo for a campaign rally, which was held in the Huntington Center.  The turnout was good - okay, the place was packed beyond capacity and a giant TV was set up outside so that the out crowd could watch the speech.  Moonbat protestors were tolerated until they became too abusive, then were arrested and hauled away by the TPD.

My good friend Big Frank went out to lunch that day with his Liberal daughter, who insisted they eat at Schmucker's.  Pie, you know.  While at Schmucker's, the United States Secret Service showed up and quietly walked around the place, then talked to anyone looking suspicious.  One long haired hippie type pinko fag walked out, shouting Fuck Trump! as he left.  The Secret Service detained him for questioning.  Anyway, there's not much of a show, and then...

Vice President Mike Pence walked in the front door!

The man was hungry, but he walked around and met everyone.  Frank shook hands with him, and said he was friendly and affable, and acted just like a regular guy.  Someone you'd have a beer with and be happy to have his company.

So Big Frank is on cloud nine.  He's just shaken hands with the US VP, and that's great stuff.

For my part, I was in Indianapolis one time for the Origins Gaming Convention, and saw a crowd of police in one area of the hotel.  K9 dogs sniffing all over the place, nervous looking cops, and a cadre of wait staff all dressed like junior penguins, complete to a pristine bar towel draped over their left arm.  The reason?  One of the cops told me that the Vice President was going to show up as the guest of honor for a fund raising dinner for the Ayatollah Obongo - and I couldn't remember the dumb fuck's name, nor could I remember what he looked like.  It was Joe Biden, of course, but such is the impact of being Obongo's VP.  All you have to do is shut up and have a pulse.

So last night I called up Uncle Sardonicus, just to see how he's getting along.  Unc isn't getting any younger, and he's had a few mini-strokes.  We chew the fat for a few minutes, then I tell him about Big Frank's great adventure.

MJ: "...and then the Vice President walked in - "

Sardonicus interrupts my narrative with a line of insults and invective, and then calls the VP a few choice, filthy names.  I couldn't understand what his problem was.

MJ: "What are we talking about here?"

US: "The vice president.  Pence, that stupid douche bag from Washington.  Shit, I'm smarter than he is.  My cat is smarter than he is.  He's so dumb that I could do a better job than he does."

MJ: "The vice president of the United States, Mike Pence - "

US: "Yes.  The dumb-ass."

MJ: "Well, Frank's a good friend of mine and got to shake hands with him.  Said he was a good sort, very affable."

US: "He and that damned liar - "

But I'd stopped listening.  I think my final words were a knee-jerk, un-Christian-like 'Fuck you!', but perhaps not.  I terminated the conversation as soon as I could while still remaining polite.

I called the man up to inquire about his well-being, and to relate a story about something momentous that happened to a good friend of mine, and he responded with vitriolic insults and name calling.

I've had enough with these rude, hate-filled lunatic left wing idiots.  After this experience, I'm taking a page out of their book and severing all communication with them, family members or not. 

Fuck 'em.


An Original WTF? Moment

I'm going through my email like a stupe when I come across some kind of complimentary stat evaluation for Mad Jack's Shack.  Now, since this is from Google, anything I read has to be taken with the proverbial grain of salt, but still, it kind of looks believable.

This is, I would guess, results from Google search.  I got the search phrase and the number of times the hump behind the keyboard clicked on my article.  Check it out:

Search Stat Results
One for guns, two for whore houses.  Yep, that would be my place, alright.

I still get a hoot about the article on Miltech - see here.  Someone told me the owner of Miltech grouses about it all the time, for which I'm glad.

The one about the Relaxation Station in Fostoria describes the actual events that led up to the closing of that ancient house of pleasure, and you can read about it here.  That whole series started when I was headed out to the gun range and realized the old Yoko Health Spa wasn't there anymore - just a bulldozer, dosing in the yard.

Oh well.  Progress and all that.


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