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Times is Hard

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to write these days.  Between the fatally wounded economy, the continuing promises of COVID-19 deaths that just aren't happening, and the alphabet soup of hate groups predicting a violent response should President Trump be elected to a second term - we're living in interesting times.

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Happy Independence Day!

The United States is a nation with a colorful history, a predominant color being red.  We celebrate this on Independence Day, but today I'm wondering what I have to celebrate.

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We are The Government...

...and We do not take kindly to being fooled with.  Especially this fool, who has found a way to activate the stupid air raid siren that is normally used for testing and tornado pre-warning warnings - if there is such a thing, and I'm living proof that there is.

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The Stupidity Bar Has Been Raised

Today I was minding my own business, when I found this little gem:

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RFI: Shooting, With One at Room Temperature

Request For Information: Shooting!

By now everyone who isn't a hermit in Alaska, which I wish I was, has heard about the shooting in Atlanta, Georgia.

I have a few questions about the shooting and the fallout.

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Fallout News and Predictions

I like to read UNZ every so often, mainly because they'll publish factual news you can't find anywhere else, and Fred Reed is the outstanding Op-Ed star.

I like Fred.

Fred didn't write the article I'm going to refer to below the fold, but he'll likely have something to say about it.

I'm not going to bother with the standard content warning - why bother?  I think I scared all the moonbats away years ago.

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Riots and Fallout

The recent racial heat is still going strong, and we have yet to build a US Embassy or meet with the official ambassador from the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) area (country?), AKA Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, AKA Free Capitol Hill area.  But no matter, as somehow or another the world keeps spinning.

Rant follows.  Usual disclaimers about thin skinned moonbats and trigger happy SJWs apply.

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How Bad Is It?

We, in the good old U.S. of A., have got COVID-19, a severely damaged economy, protests and riots over police brutality, and commercial media throwing gasoline on the fire.  How much worse can it get?

Well, I'll tell you - but the standard disclaimer applies.

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Police and Funding

I don't see an end to the George Floyd fallout.  Derek Chauvin, (who took a knee), Tou Thao, Thomas Lane, and Alexander Kueng are now ex-cops and have been charged by the persecuting attorney.  Given the results of the toxicology screen, I'm betting they all get a walk.  What won't happen is what the BLM, NBP, BAJI, COC, MBL, NAACP, etc. et al. actually want, which is a public drawing and quartering for Derek Chauvin, and a public flogging followed by a hanging for the other three.

Now the various MENSA rejects and fatheads are demanding that select city police departments be defunded, and remade in a kinder, more sensitive department.

Clue bat: This isn't going to produce the desired result.

Keep reading for an opinionated, politically incorrect and insensitive rant.

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Current Idiocy: NYPD, Sweden and COVID-19

Part opinion, part rant, part fact.  You decide.

No moonbats, SJWs, or Progressives allowed.  You might leave a comment and I just don't have the patience right now.

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Protesters and Pepper Spray

Here in Columbus we now have a curfew.  Starting last night (Saturday, 5/30/20) at 10:00 PM and ending the next morning at 6:00 AM, no one is allowed to peacefully assemble for the purposes of political protest (or any other reason, because every time you get unsupervised youth congregating in a group without a clear purpose, you get destruction of private property and various other crimes)...

Can everyone see where I'm going with this?

I hope so.  Keep reading for some good news about the riots in Columbus last night.  As usual, those who object to free speech, politically incorrect statements, white privilege, black privilege... whatever.  Read at your own risk.

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George Floyd Fallout

By now I'm assuming that everyone who might be reading this hound knows who George Floyd was and how he died - or was murdered, or simply cashed in his chips.  If not, follow this link and scroll down a way: Fox News Link, or read the summary.

In summary, George Floyd got busted when some nameless employee at a grocery store dropped a dime on him.  He-she-or-it told the cops that Floyd was passing funny money in the form of counterfeit twenties. Four cops showed up:

Derek Chauvin, who put the cuffs on Floyd, threw him to the ground, and then put his knee on Floyd's neck until he stopped breathing - and pretty much everything else. Chauvin was assisted by Tou Thao, Thomas Lane, and Alexander Kueng.  The whole thing with the knee on the neck was recorded on video by an innocent bystander, then released into the wild.

All four cops are now ex-cops, having been fired.

George Floyd died on Monday, May 25, 2020 (Memorial Day) around 8:30 PM at a local hospital, but for my money he was probably already dead before they loaded into the meat wagon.  On Tuesday, the four officers involved were fired.  As of today, Derek Chauvin has been arrested.  We'll see what he's charged with.

Now for the point of this wildfire.

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Mother-In-Law Joke

I can't remember where I got this, but I thought it was good enough to steal and reprint without permission or credit to the publisher.  Whoever it is - thanks!

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I don't know just who started this particular meme, but here's my every day carry, AKA EDC. At least, that's what I suppose EDC stands for.

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Quora Question: What's the Pointe?

I'm bored.  I'm surfing around the 'net, and got a question from Quora.  You'd think they would have learned by now.  I predict this one goes a week, but we'll see.

Warning: Not safe for work.  Your mileage may vary.  Void where prohibited.  Etc., ad nauseam.
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Sunday Morning

In the middle of a deadly dull afternoon, I stumbled over to Home on the Range where I read A River Rogue, and was inspired to recall the ocean and the beach at Jacksonville (FL) and the way I'd spend my Sunday mornings.

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Rimworld - The Rift

Here's a good read if you like science fiction or space opera.  Author J.L. Curtis has just released Rimworld - The Rift on Amazon.  Here's the back cover:

Danny Ortega was a failure. He couldn't tolerate the implant to be a starship captain...

But Danny Ortega has run his deep space research vessel Ghost alone for years, flaky AI and all, mapping the most unstable and unexplored regions of the Rift for the Cartographers Guild. When his latest mission lands in a mass graveyard of ships, including some ships out of legend, lost for hundreds of years, the guild isn't happy with him.

He picks up a misfit crew out of the asteroids and the games begin!

Turns out he'll need them not just for research and salvage, but to help him keep his ship! As word gets out that he has artifacts and is returning remains, Danny finds he's gone from chasing a prize to becoming one himself...

Unfortunately for his enemies, Danny didn't get his own ship by being an easy target or giving up. His odd connections and crew have plenty of surprises up their sleeves, too!
At $4.99 it's a steal, and since most everyone is out of work right now you should do yourself and your S.O. a favor and pick up a copy.  It'll keep you entertained for hours and your Significant Other can go about their business in peace without you underfoot.


Pleas and Bargains (and credit to Henry)

Here's the lowdown.

(click to keep reading.  SJWs, Moonbats, and anyone of self-proclaimed high moral fiber should take a pass on this, as the following content will likely give you an apoplectic grahn mal seizure, and I think we can all agree that watching an SJW lose whatever passes for their mind while break-dancing on the sidewalk... disregard this warning and keep reading.)

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Cocktail: Test Pilot

Someone, and I can't remember just who, asked me what was new and (potentially) exciting the other day, to which I responded: Not a damned thing.

Which is a real blessing.  I have enough drama in my life already.  I don't need more.

All that being the case, Big Mike passed me a recipe for an unusual cocktail about a week ago.  Upon reading this latest formula for inducing an alcoholic haze, I wondered aloud if my chain wasn't being pulled.

I finally got the ingredients assembled.  Keep reading.

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SJW Attack on Virtue Signal

I received an email this morning and was forced to meditate with some Irish coffee before I could write about it.  Stand by for informative rant.

Trigger Warning: If you're an SJW, any and all insults or offensive diction is intentional.

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Our Impartial Commercial Media in the United States

I've know that commercial media was a long way from impartial all my life.  These days the bias and vitriol is showing much more than usual.  I'm not the only one who thinks so, either.

Keep reading unless you're an SJW with a thin skin.

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Need a Mask?

I found this on Knuckledraggin' and I'm re-posting it without permission.  My apologies if it offends any of the principals.

Do you need masks? AbbyS to the rescue!

From AbbyS:

May I ask a favor of you?  I'm currently laid off because of this asinine shut-down. Since I know how to sew & inherited my mom's stash of fabric (she who dies with the most fabric wins - she won) I'm making face masks to donate. If anyone needs a mask for their work, or to go out in public, they can let me know. All I ask is enough for postage. Overnight USPS is $7.75. $3.00 for regular postage & envelopes. Can you put the word out to your readers? I gotta' do something or go crazy. I don't want to read all my books before I go back to work, ya know?

I was going to charge $4.00 for regular masks & $7 for the kind with a pocket for HEPA filters, but I think I'd rather just donate them after all.

If you're interested, her contact information is:


Thanks for reading!
 - Jack


Presidential Election 2020 - What the Moonbats Are Up To

November's the month!  Get out there and vote for Donald Trump for a second term.  Should Trump win, the explosion of moonbat heads everywhere may cause a shift in the Earth's orbit.  Much of the Republik of Kalifornia will be underwater... well, I can hope, can't I?

I think I've discovered what the moonbats might be up to in 2020.  Keep reading, and if you're a moonbat with a thin skin, know that you've been issued the usual trigger warnings (maxi-trigger, trigger, and micro-trigger).

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Knuckledraggin' My Life Away

If you read Knuckledraggin My Life Away (and who doesn't, right?) you'll know that the owner is having host problems with GoDaddy just now.  Skipping ahead to the important part, click the link provided below and continue to enjoy the site.


And remember - it's rape, pillage then burn.


In Direct Defiance!

With a complete disregard for my own personal safety and in a premeditated, contemptuous, and direct defiance of lock down, stay-at-home, and social distancing orders from the government everywhere, I joined Big Mike for Easter dinner at his house.

What follows is a general description of the dinner.  Names have not been changed any more than usual.  Insults for all occasions have not been carefully thought out, but if anything occurs to me rest assured I'll deliver it with my best anti-moonbat style.

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