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Weird dreams are made of Chicken?

Early this morning, I woke up from a vivid dream with a full narrative that saw someone visit a rural home, and fell in love with the idea of raising chickens and converted an abandoned barn into a chicken coop. It had sensors, and soft morning light (Casper Glow Light maybe?) to wake up the …

Sun, 24 May 2020 18:42:42 +0000

Why every tech downturn has a silver lining

San Francisco was a very bleak place in the aftermath of the dot.com meltdown that began in the spring of 2000. Every single day of that summer I woke up to the news of more layoffs, more shutdowns, and a general sense of despondency which only got worse when the tragic morning of September 11, …

Sun, 24 May 2020 14:00:36 +0000


A long exposure from the top of the Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy! The original color photo wasn’t anything to write home about, but when I applied my B&W preset to the photo, it was magic. It highlighted the streaks of light (from a passing boat), and they became the focal point of the photo. …

Sun, 24 May 2020 13:12:30 +0000

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