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The full thread also available on ThreadReader App. An interesting and heart-warming story.

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OER is a nice way to go, but I’ve also mentioned before how to restructure the textbook business so the economic balance is righted. tl;dr: Professors aren’t doing the learning, so at most they should recommend one or more textbooks, but never require them. The students should choose their own textbooks or otherwise fend for … Continue reading ""

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I’m living this same story…

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For my primary domain I’m generally happy, though I do sometimes wish I was using a domain with my name in it. I do often have a problem of collecting other domain names and wanting to build quirky and interesting things on them. Some I’ve had for ages and just haven’t had the time to … Continue reading ""

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📺 How I write my blog | Dave Winer | YouTube

hat tip: Zsolt Benke

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Kudos! I love the clean simplicity of your site too. Is your theme open-sourced? I suspect that there are many who would consider using it.

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I always forget this web interface exists when I’m not near an IRC client.

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An intriguing take on this (bitcoin pieces aside), though I wonder what sorts of larger scale pieces Twitter might really need and how they’d need to structure things to mitigate those issues. In the early days, their open API gave them cover to allow others to build on their platform while they worked at scaling … Continue reading ""

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This is another good example of how social media is destroying value and preventing new value creation to keep the power for itself.  I like how Anil has managed to find a purple colored knife for the featured image. I originally read his post on my cell phone and was surprised that it tool almost … Continue reading ""

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And of course, just as I’m checking this tool out, I encounter a shooting in New Jersey that makes one of the bigger stories of the day.

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h0p3 (at philosopher.life) who I just like to converse with and keep up with throughout my week ❧ I’m curious what modality you use to converse? Am I missing some fun bit of something about that wiki? –annotated on December 10, 2019 at 01:52PM I like the thrust of this piece a lot Kicks. It’s … Continue reading ""

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Some great ethical reasons for why go IndieWeb. I like that she’s got some concrete examples here and then goes into how she’s done what she has for herself.

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This is an awesome idea. I feel kind of like I do this on an annual basis for David and Mathias’ work on WordPress. Perhaps it might be fun to do a week or so worth of testing out something like Malcolm’s https://i.haza.website/?

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The people who I envisioned myself writing for—they got what I was saying and where I was focused.  The very early responses to the post were about what I expected.  But then it took off, and a lot of people came into it without the context I assumed the audience would have.❧ Definitely a good … Continue reading ""

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I’ve always wished that they had an RSS feed for this site. Fortunately Kevin Smokler has put one together that should do the trick: https://feedity.com/redef-com/UlNbUFpTVg.rss 

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Some useful advice for updating Known when I get around to it. I feel like the technical hurdle for maintaining it has increased with the addition of needing bits like Composer.

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I’m committed to playing the long game of learning, rather than the short game of schooling. ❧ –December 10, 2019 at 06:55AM

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Capitalists and market-thinkers inevitably seek to enclose the commons, privatizing benefits and externalizing costs onto society.❧ It’s nice to see this reminder every now and then. –highlighted December 09, 2019 at 09:00PM Some pragmatic and solid analysis here. Better than some of the FUD I’ve seen bandied about.

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Todd, I’ve randomly come across this post today and thought I’d toss out some additional ideas to consider if you haven’t already made up your minds. If you’re thinking about doing something like WithKnown (aka Known, the CMS your post is on), and interested in the WordPress portion, you might consider doing a full/partial Domain … Continue reading ""

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Thanks for the shout out! Making those kinds of lists can certainly be repetitive, time consuming, and thankless. The only thing worse is that hundreds or thousands should try to reinvent the same wheel.  If you appreciated that bit of trickery, you might better appreciate a more open web version of the same with respect … Continue reading ""

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I recall seeing a lot of resources for audio media creation and podcasting via KQED Teach, which was geared toward a broad level of students and technical abilities. These types of literacies are really important to explore.

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What a great prompt! Here are a few interesting off-label use cases I’ve used, imagined, or seen in the wild: Greg McVerry, Ian O’Byrne, and I have integrated Hypothes.is into our digital/online commonplace books in different ways. Greg’s are embedded at https://jgregorymcverry.com/annotations, Ian discusses his process on his site, while mine show up as annotation … Continue reading ""

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