Letterboxd - Demi Adejuyigbe

Letterboxd - Demi Adejuyigbe

Paddington, 2014 - ★★★★

Rewatched this before doing an episode on the Bechdel Cast and wouldn’t you know it- the beautiful baby brown bear movie still rules

Tue, 21 May 2019 16:59:10 +1200

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, 2019 - ★★★★★

It deeply upsets me that the Oscars don't have a category for choreography.

There's a sense of wide-eyed wonder that overcomes me in certain moviegoing experiences that makes me feel the way I imagine everybody on this website felt when they first saw a spectacle like Star Wars as a child. As soon as that feeling hits me, all sense of critical objectivity goes out the window. I don't care to think about any lifeless, trope-ridden dialogue or over-explicit sequel set-up that ruins a movie's ending, I can only think of the feeling it gave me. And in my heart, I believe that's what movies are supposed to be.

Criticism has it's place in the culture of film, and thoughtful criticism is always appreciated for sparking discussion and proving that the idea of objectivity in film is garbage– but there's no way to truly explicate a gut feeling, because it can be so different from person to person. But that's the only thing I care to "rate" movies on anymore. And for John Wick: Chapter 3, that gut feeling almost made me cry.

Everything career/life choice I've ever made since I was about 14 has been in the service of wanting to one day write and make movies, but it wasn't until I was an adult that I thought about what I really appreciated in films as a visual medium and not just a story-telling platform: I love how absolutely alive everything can feel in the way things move. In the way people move, in the way cameras move, in the precision and tact of successfully choreographing an in-camera sequence that is so wondrous it can cut through that mental sheen of editing that reminds you you're just watching a movie, and lets you feel swept up in live, theatrical nature of it all because you know everything you're seeing involves skill, and really sells the idea of a talent. It wipes away the part of my brain that is bored by the same ol' tools being used in different ways and turns me into the little boy who just can't believe he saw an honest-to-god magic trick.

When I watch Donald O'Connor exhaustingly run around a set doing vaudevillian pratfalls, I think about how fucking impressive it is that a person can do that. When I watch Michel Gondry run Cibo Matto or the cast of Green Hornet through an incredible series of camera-splits to visualize a sequence in a way we've never seen before, I'm thinking about how fucking impressive that camera ops and directors can manage that. And when I watch John Wick make his way through stunningly-designed corridors, using guns, knives, swords, motorcycles, books, a pencil, dogs, table corners, belts, glass (et et et et cetera) to maim people in outstanding single-take-sequences where the director, camera op, ADs, vehicle operators, stunt choreographers, prop/set designers and several stunt and actual actors (and in some case, animal trainers!) have to all work in conjunction to pull off a genuine ballet of snowflake-unique killings (many of which are imbued with a Chaplin/Keaton-esque comic sense that casually pulls off physical comedy better than most of the movies I have ever seen) I can't help but laugh and cheer and lean forward in my seat with my jaw agape. In legitimate awe! 

I could go on forever about the things that wowed me about this movie. The gorgeous glowing lighting and production/costume details of ubiquitous tattooing & piercing that we see everywhere. The respectful psychopathy (and GREAT performance) of Mark Dacascos and his henchmen that really define the people in this universe. The incredible efficacy of building up a world so well across three movies that the very ridiculous plot of THIS one absolutely works. But the production and costume design could get major awards recognition. So could the directing, the acting, and the writing. They won't! But they could. This film– and really, so much of many genres of incredible film– are entirely made by the choreography of incredible teams of people putting forth incredible, time-consuming work to actualize the impressive, childlike sense of wow that defines film for people. And isn't recognizing that talent the point of these major awards?

So, yeah. It deeply upsets me that the Oscars don't have a category for choreography.

Sun, 19 May 2019 18:08:43 +1200

Ocean's Eleven, 2001 - ★★★★★

Hosted a screening of this tonight as a movie that I believe everybody should watch. I think it’s truly a near-perfect film. Terrific at show-don’t-tell, extremely well-written, laced with brilliant bon mots, cool without being smug, stylish and beautifully directed, and maybe the apex of what I consider to be the last age of The Movie Star. can’t think of anyone whose cultural cache right now reaches the level of fame that Clooney, Pitt, or Roberts had in this era, and having them all in one movie? Get outta town. This movie is a magic trick.

“Does he make you laugh?”
“He doesn’t make me cry.”

Mon, 13 May 2019 18:03:41 +1200

Pokémon Detective Pikachu, 2019 - ★★★½

— why come pikachu cussin?????
— this is legitimately a very good mystery film???? conveniences of futuristic pokemon tech aside, it... works
— you know when a movie introduces its leading female character and you get that “aw man...” feeling when you realize that you are not gonna like her
— i do not think i have ever seen a creature cuter than Detective Pikachu. i felt a physical “aw” within me every time that motherfucker was on screen
— all of the hairy Pokémon looked fuckin fantastic. all of the hairless Pokémon were abominations of nature and a strong argument for eugenics in this fantasy universe.
— i think i wouldn’t have been so offput by a lot of this movie if i hadn’t seen that pokemon go commercial with the CG Pokémon, because so much of the movie reminded me of that in the beginning which really hurt its charm
— can we start putting some goddamn respect on Karan Soni’s name? give the man a meatier role!! (although i do respect Ryan Reynolds for seemingly loving him) 
— a lot of the jokes are corny but there are a few that got a genuine smile out of me including a surprising climate change joke that i LOVED
— the end credits are fantastic. the opening credits confused me the same way Ready Player One did, in that someone made a very expensive, visually exciting film and then threw in a title card from Windows Movie Maker
— i am sure ryan reynolds is a lovely man and he clearly commits to every role but god do i wish i liked him more. every character he plays feels like the thinks-they’re-clever kind of marvel studios hero that i can’t stand
— also, the voice feels wrong!! i kept thinking “this should be a woman... right” and just as i’m writing this right now i would’ve loved to see melissa mccarthy or tarzan-era rosie o’donnell do it (i know why it wasn’t a woman, but still)
— i can’t remember the last time my feelings towards a movie changed so often as i watched it. every ten minutes i was like “yeah this rules” or “uh oh this might not be a good movie” or “oh my god the writers are geniuses”
— about four separate times, the third act of the movie legitimately shocked me and made me feel like lucille bluth getting tricked by gene parmesan. i did a big ol “oh my god i cannot believe this very stupid movie was smarter than me” belly laugh
— they gave us trading cards when they ripped our tickets and i turned into an 8 year old going to see the 2000 pokemon movie in theatres again
— why! come! pikachu! cussin?????

Fri, 10 May 2019 18:26:12 +1200

The Equalizer 2, 2018 - ★★

DENZEL WASHINGTON: ...Would you like something to drink?
DENZEL: Come on in.
[he enters]
DENZEL: Ice tea or water?
ASHTON SANDERS: Pshh, what I look like, Jackie Chan?

Absolutely nothing in this movie makes sense, but I cannot stop thinking about this particular exchange and what the fuck it was supposed to mean. I have googled the words and the only results are other people trying to figure out what it means. Incredible.

Thu, 9 May 2019 19:14:43 +1200

Nate Bargatze: The Tennessee Kid, 2019 - ★★★★

was honestly a little distracted by the sadness of flying home from visiting my girlfriend as i was watching it, but still enjoyed this! nate has my favorite type of comedian rhythm, which is that very relaxed, deadpan style i started loving hannibal buress for

Tue, 30 Apr 2019 04:30:59 +1200

The Favourite, 2018 - ★★★★½

“This whole thing is like a My Chemical Romance video.” - Maddie
“Fucking Green Book?????” - me under my breath every few minutes

Sun, 28 Apr 2019 04:30:44 +1200

Raw, 2016 - ★★★★½

Was worried I would like this film less on a second viewing, but as I was showing it to my girlfriend I got those excited feelings of “oh shit, I forgot about this scene!” before... pretty much every scene. And I love that feeling! I love this movie! So strange, so visceral, so cool. There are like two shots of Garance Marillier that already feel iconic to me (one of which is the Letterboxd banner photo for the film.) Still not over how simple but affecting that ending is.

Sat, 27 Apr 2019 03:55:31 +1200

Avengers: Endgame, 2019 - ★★★½

obviously not spoiling anything, but-
• this movie is three goddamn hours! this would have never happened when obama was president!!
* and it FEELS like three hours! i was legitimately SWEATY at the end of this movie! 
* and there isn’t even a goddamn post credits scene??? what in the!!!
* explicitly! gay! character!!!!!
* feel like this movie could’ve been a tight 60 minutes if they cut half of the one-liners and all of the scenes where someone reveals themselves by leaning in a doorway
* alan silvestri should’ve gotten a writing/directing credit
* unfortunately, disney did not equip theatres with extra staff to clean up the nerd cum that will be floating around your floors post-film, so please tip your ushers
* oh man... so many of the bad type of nerds are gonna be very mad about some of this movie and i can’t wait
* my mvps of the marvel cinematic universe remain the mvps. tony stark can go pound sand. shave your goddamn mustache... nasty... witcha mortdecai-lookin ass
* the credits on this movie... are....... SO weird
* i recently learned that marvel has been reading my letterboxd reviews, so i would just like to say- hi friends!! sorry about the nerd cum line. can i write a new blade movie. i have not read the comics and i will not be reading them

anyway, i think i liked it about as much as i ever could! interpret that phrase however you will! if you enjoy these movies, you will greatly enjoy this movie. marvel, please me about the blade script. it is a tight seven-tweets-long

edit: after sitting with this movie for a while now, i think i really liked it. i still maintain that it’s ridiculous at parts and has so many of the things I hate in these movies (does there need to be a one-liner on every page of this script???) but unfortunately, the prospect of seeing big groups of other people excited about it is so enticing to me that i... (sigh) might actually go see it in theaters again. and i will have a lot of fun. but i’m bringing a hand fan this time. obama would be so mad at me for supporting this

Wed, 24 Apr 2019 19:59:41 +1200

The Invitation, 2015 - ★★★

Genuinely shocked at the rollercoaster of ratings my subsequent viewings of this movie have taken me on, especially because this time it really reminded me of some bad student films I had to watch in Austin during college.

Mon, 22 Apr 2019 20:50:25 +1200

Us, 2019 - ★★★★½

On my third viewing, I realized the present day timeline of this story is plotted through 4 car rides, each of which almost serves as a marker between acts. It’s interesting to think about what the family’s shifting position in those car rides might mean. Do they actually mean anything? Was this an intentional move on Peele’s part? Who can say– but I wrote it in this box anyways, because there are no damn rules to this website 😎

Mon, 22 Apr 2019 20:44:55 +1200

The Witch, 2015 - ★★★★½

film lovin’ me: this is a brilliant portrait of paranoia and religious fervor in the 1600s. it’s so inpressive how eggers manages to capture the spirit of the time without feeling like he’s painstakingly trying to pull an unnatural sense of tension or a period-accurate performance out of his actors

the real me: motherfuckers need to TALK NORMAL!!!! stop sayin THOUST!!!!!!!!!!

Mon, 22 Apr 2019 14:32:16 +1200

High Life, 2018 - ★★★★


Sun, 7 Apr 2019 15:22:29 +1200

The Hustle, 2019 - ★★

The literal first second of this movie made me let out a deep, upsetting sigh. Anne Hathaway was fine. (Don’t expect a big reveal or explanation on her accent though– I did, and there is not one. It’s just The Choice.) The highs of it all are a few supporting characters that altogether probably have 2 minutes of screen-time and a page of dialogue.

Rebel Wilson continues to test my eternal optimism in film by taking otherwise-fine movies and making them feel like unbearable, feature-length Instagram “sketches” with the same treacly, misguided message and terrible “what was on the radio while we were editing” soundtrack.

Thu, 4 Apr 2019 11:57:56 +1300

Us, 2019 - ★★★★½

Even better on a second watch. Pretty much every question I had falls away, the allegory he’s working with is so much clearer, and the beautiful framing/camera movements really stand out when I’m not so focused on following a brand new story. And god, for it all to end with such a sinister use of “Les Fleurs”... a million chef’s kisses. ONE MILLION KISSES, JORDAN!!!!!!!!!

Mon, 1 Apr 2019 20:24:51 +1300

Captain Marvel, 2019 - ★★★½

pleasantly surprised at how much restraint they had on in-universe jokes about the 90s, unpleasantly unsurprised at the needle drops being juuuuust a bit more than i needed (although i legitimately loved the nirvana and hole usage, serendipitously enough)

i recently learned that people think of me as having a lotta hot takes, which is strange because i feel generally amiable to most movies and these entries aren’t so much “takes” or assertions as they are me trying to jot down personal thoughts on movies before they escape my very-fractured brain, but here’s something that will probably be seen as a hot take: this is easily my favorite single-character origin story of the MCU so far! even above iron man 1! might have to do with me not getting to see it until everyone has leveled my expectations and said it’s bad or “fine at best,”  (or even might have to do with me seeing a superhero
movie i did not like only 3 hours before) but i enjoyed it more than those comments set me up to enjoy it.

the non-linear way of making it an origin story helped, as did a lot of the cosmic/time weirdness, which gets me excited about where the universe is gonna go after Endgame. i still hated the quick-cut way the action of the movie is shot, but i feel like that’s par for the course with these films now (except for with the russo bros?) also, as someone who’s experience in the Marvel comic world is limited to issues i read while working on the New Warriors TV show, i don't know anything about Captain Marvel or the Skrulls, but there was something very electric (pun not intended, or maybe even an actual pun, again, not familiar with her) about seeing both of them depicted in this movie for the first time as they were in print. so many little moments of humanity (her little cheer when she gets out of the hand braces, the scene about her uniform, even the flashbacks) are incredibly charming and make her character so much more likable than the “emotionless quip-quick genius outlaw” half of the other Marvel heroes seem to be. Carol Danvers is cool as fuck.

Sat, 23 Mar 2019 15:48:28 +1300

Shazam!, 2019 - ★★

a very expensive PG-13 disney channel original movie buoyed by 3 or 4 real good jokes and a charming performance by zachary levi, imo

Sat, 23 Mar 2019 09:33:24 +1300

Us, 2019 - ★★★★

I really, really, really enjoyed this film. But as I left the theatre, I had so many more questions than I entered with, and the more I talked about it with a friend the more I realized that it is a complete inverse of the structure in Get Out (which tightens to a conclusion, as opposed to unraveling as you get more answers) which set me up to be disappointed. My fault!

I’m confused by so much of what happened in this movie and what it means and how certain ideas seemingly conflict with the rules of the world, but I still think I loved it. The only review I saw before watching this movie was K. Austin Collins’ Letterboxd post saying to “not overthink it,” and I think that’s the best advice for how to watch this movie. It’s a fun one for reading piece after piece when it’s over, but without trying to extract depth or “solve” every element of it, it’s just a wonderful horror movie.

Also, it was not lost on me for the entire runtime how truly wonderful it was to see a story with a black family where their blackness was not at all critical to the plot. Especially in a horror film. I was so fucking delighted by it. I want more of this from film– diversity that feels like it’s a choice from the filmmakers for no reason other than to tell a story with different kinds of people. Shouldn’t be revolutionary, and yet.

Michael Abels’ score is wonderful. Lupita is giving an OUTSTANDING performance here. Jordan Peele has already cemented his own sense of style in two films and I can’t wait to see anything and everything he ever makes.

Sat, 23 Mar 2019 05:48:45 +1300

Long Shot, 2019

not rating this one because i saw it last june when it was called FLARSKY and it might be different now, but when i saw it, i kind of hated it? but i think that’s just because it follows the exact formula of a seth rogen movie, down to a level that made me mad because i had already mentally started imagining there would be two certain types of scenes. and then they happened. i don’t know. i don’t wanna shit on this movie, by all accounts seth is very nice and i like jonathan levine a lot and all the individual pieces and people in this movie are a gem (i also have a soft spot for andy serkis doing... whatever he’s doing here) but, despite trying to convince myself for years that his movies are “made for me,” they are not. and this movie felt like a parody of a seth rogen movie that we would see clips of in another movie. oh well!!!!!!!! i wish nothing but the best for the film formerly known as flarsky

Fri, 15 Mar 2019 17:45:20 +1300

Ralph Breaks the Internet, 2018 - ★★★½

Surprised I enjoyed this as much as I did, given how dark the proliferation of corporate branding and the underlying commentary on the economy of internet likes are. But I did enjoy it! Maybe because I watched it on a plane, where everything is at least one star better. I also think I find it kinda nice that this movie doesn’t have a real “villain.”

It didn't ever get corny to me, which is a feat worth applauding for a movie that is essentially Ready Player One for the internet, but joyful and with more respect for the references it's making than an attempt to "prove" it knows the world. I also smiled at three of my friends having short cameos in it. (big ups to Jaboukie, Dani Fernandez, and Jason Mantzoukas)

Mon, 4 Mar 2019 19:32:45 +1300

Hot Rod, 2007 - ★★★★★

Richardson telling the people in the theater to shut up has the highest screentime-to-emotional-effect ratio on me of almost anything I’ve ever seen, and I cannot explain why.

“The dog walked itself home, ate a pizza, and took a nap.”

Sat, 2 Mar 2019 22:43:14 +1300

Eighth Grade, 2018 - ★★★★★

well i'm certainly not going to edit Josh Hamilton's speech at the fire so he's saying DEMI instead of Kayla and watch it whenever i need a pick me up if anyone was about to accuse me of such foolishness

Thu, 28 Feb 2019 10:51:33 +1300

Green Book, 2018 - ★★★

i'm no longer racist, now we are friends
i'm no longer racist, now we are friends
i'm no longer racist, we can be friends
i'm no longer racist– and now the black man is my friend

Tue, 26 Feb 2019 14:55:36 +1300

Hale County This Morning, This Evening, 2018 - ★★½

Too experimental and unfocused for me. Would have preferred an actual narrative or some sort of story, rather than a slice of life portrait that feels like a montage of footage shot in the same area.

Sun, 24 Feb 2019 23:19:02 +1300

Minding the Gap, 2018 - ★★★★★

This is hands down the best documentary I’ve ever seen– and I’ll admit that I don’t watch them frequently, but it’s also one of the best movies I’ve seen in ages, and easily the most affecting film I’ve seen in a long, long time. Bing Liu made a beautiful, sobering Boyhood of his own life, about the trauma we adopt from our parents and our surroundings and how something as small as skateboarding can act as an escape from the pain of an unfulfilling life. 

The irony of thinking you have feelings and fears and emotional qualities that are completely unique to you, is that everybody thinks that. And this film is such strong proof that my life and concerns and struggles are not as unique as I thought. In a way, it’s comforting– I see so much of myself in these boys in ways that make me want to cry. In other ways, it’s upsetting. This film makes me wish I’d been better at staying in touch with childhood friends. It makes me wish I’d been able to understand them better, outside of the context of our friendship and in the context of their families and the things they do to escape their pain. It sends me spiraling into a crisis about how I'll look back on the current period of my life, and whether I am destined to grow into my parents’ skin, or whether I could ever ensure my future children aren’t forced to grow into mine.

Sun, 24 Feb 2019 20:15:44 +1300

Free Solo, 2018 - ★★★½

There are moments where they dip into the more human elements of Honnold’s life and those are more fascinating to me– the climb itself is cool, but feels like a TV special event more than something I’d really care to watch a documentary about– but they don’t tackle them enough. Like, why does he do this, or what in his past has led him here? I know Honnold shows signs of Asperger’s, which might be why it feels like he’s so disconnected from anything other than the climb, but this just left me wanting to know more. Also, it feels like he should absolutely not be in a relationship? And that this woman can do much better? Dump him, Sanni.

Sun, 24 Feb 2019 19:57:55 +1300

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, 2018 - ★★★★½

Still as funny and gorgeous as it was the first time, literally the only thing I didn’t like was some of the music choices– which is fine! They aren’t choices made for me! I do wonder how much of this doesn’t fully resonate with me emotionally because it’s animated. Even though it’s been well over a decade since I ever saw one, an “animated superhero movie” is so coded in my
brain as a direct-to-DVD project that it takes a lot for me to actually care about it, since I have to think of it as completely disconnected from the established superhero universe. Which is dumb, because the medium allows for so much good shit that live action never could! Now I’m just rambling. The movie is great. The script is outstanding. Every single frame is a phenomenal wallpaper.

Sun, 24 Feb 2019 19:49:53 +1300

Velvet Buzzsaw, 2019 - ★★

how come this episode of Goosebumps wasn't just 30 minutes like the other ones

Sun, 3 Feb 2019 08:32:46 +1300

Isn't It Romantic, 2019 - ★½

Brandon Scott-Jones and Betty Gilpan are absolute stars. Bowen Yang and Sandy Honig are underutilized treasures. The rest of this movie is not for me!

Wed, 30 Jan 2019 08:58:55 +1300

The Wife, 2017 - ★★½

Max Irons looks like Peter Kavinsky and Ryan Atwood had a kid

Wed, 30 Jan 2019 08:52:06 +1300

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, 2007 - ★★★★★

Goddamn, I love this movie. A perfect pastiche.

Mon, 28 Jan 2019 20:08:16 +1300

Serenity, 2019 - ★½

steven knight finishing this screenplay: media.giphy.com/media/bLVNvzX4k8R5S/giphy.gif

Sun, 27 Jan 2019 20:02:33 +1300

First Reformed, 2017 - ★★★★½

can god forgive us for not nominating ethan hawke's performance?

i'm absolutely not doing it but just know that a big part of me wanted to write a will smith rap to this song over a remix of "are you washed in the blood"

Sat, 26 Jan 2019 09:08:49 +1300

Life of Brian, 1979 - ★★★★½

Watched this one for a friend’s podcast. Even with a lot of stuff that doesn’t hold up to time (transphobic satire, rape gags, unnecessary blackface) this movie is still phenomenal. The entire second half of this movie is unimpeachable.

Tue, 22 Jan 2019 19:06:20 +1300

The Love Witch, 2016

We got bored and a bit disillusioned/confused with what parts of the movie were meant to be satirical and which were meant in earnest, so we gave up with 40 minutes left. The commitment to the 60s technicolor style is admirable and wonderful in how it looks, but really frustrating in how poor the acting is as a result. Not for me!

Tue, 8 Jan 2019 13:17:19 +1300

Bad Genius, 2017 - ★★★★½

Hell yes. Hell fucking yes.

I can’t remember the last time I was all-in on a movie so quickly. From the first scene I loved it, but it managed to get in the thick of the plot after a cool 10 minutes. The style and pacing of this movie from the beginning are so absolutely my shit, and it brilliantly manages to turn a low-key location into something thrilling. I loved it. So fun, so cool, such charismatic and interesting characters. It feels a little overlong near the end, but I was still all-in through the credits.

This movie is surely gonna be remade in America and I already shudder to think of how they’re gonna absolutely wreck it.

Tue, 8 Jan 2019 09:36:32 +1300

The Diary of a Teenage Girl, 2015 - ★★★★

(i wouldn’t call this description a spoiler but it’s pretty specific about a single scene in the movie, so reader beware)

There’s a scene where Minnie is fooling around with Monroe and she playfully yells “help I’m being raped!” in earshot of an open door where a sailor is standing guard nearby. Even though it plays as a joke you expect someone to come to her rescue, and to have a scene where Monroe freaks out or where Minnie is forced to convince her “rescuer” that she was just joking. That moment never comes. Instead, we get a shot a few seconds later of the sailor as he’s passed out on the dock, and the moment is very effective in saying something– no one is looking out for teenage girls.

I’m not sure that’s the chief message of this movie there’s also a lot of curious and condescension/judgment-free exploration of teenage female sexuality that I found really interesting and refreshing to see displayed so openly at the center of a movie. I also love that it doesn’t use dramatic irony to try and make any jokes at the expense of Minnie or paint her as naive, which seems like a very easy move for this kind of story. But that doesn’t mean the other message isn’t there.

I could see this film becoming a cult classic, especially if Marielle Heller starts to get her due after Can You Ever Forgive Me? takes flight. Also, Christopher Meloni’s role is very funny.

Tue, 8 Jan 2019 09:29:13 +1300

Enemy, 2013 - ★★★★½


(this is my reaction to a) gyllenhaal/villenueve giving us this and Prisoners in the same year b) neither of them getting Oscars recognition for either c) the ending)

Tue, 8 Jan 2019 09:21:57 +1300

Krisha, 2015 - ★★★½

A lot of the dynamics were unclear to me for so much of the movie, but the final five minutes are stunning and tense.

Sat, 5 Jan 2019 07:13:05 +1300

John Mulaney: New in Town, 2012 - ★★★★★

What can I say about "New In Town" that hasn't already been said by my entire being acting as a billboard for his work? I couldn't possibly count how many times I've seen this special or showed it to people, but fuck, in college alone it was double digits. I love it. I love John Mulaney.

Fri, 4 Jan 2019 07:37:48 +1300

The Castle, 1997 - ★★★½

Daryl Kerrigan is maybe the best movie father of all-time. A sweet, loving, friendly, warm, optimistic, perfectly paternal hug of a man. This movie is wildly quotable and charming, and even though some of it is laughably bad, it's such a fun watch. And SO Australian.

"How's the serenity?"
"He's dreaming."
"That's going straight into the pool room."

Fri, 4 Jan 2019 07:35:16 +1300

A Star Is Born, 2018 - ★★★★ (contains spoilers)

This review may contain spoilers.

Definitely enjoyed this movie more on a rewatch. Here are only some of the exhaustive notes I took during my rewatch.


• The noose foreshadowing outside the bar is hilariously unsubtle. And wow– everybody told me the bar they meet at was The Virgil (a bar in Silverlake that i have been to countless times) but it’s very funny how clear that is now that I know it. They also fall in love at the Super A Foods in Highland Park that is right outside of my friend’s place! This is as close to telling us this movie where this movie is that we’ll ever get!

• Fuck... I forgot how much the first half-hour of this movie totally rules. Why does it make me mad that Bradley Cooper really fucking killed this on every front. (Except for the editing, which i maintain is visibly bad at multiple points! nitpick!)

• The way Cooper’s green eyes are so visibly bright in the dressing room scene is such a standout detail, and it really makes you swoon for him. Fantastic.

• You know how they let the music swell and go into a delicate, slow close-up shot a few times in the movie? Really works for the bar scene of him tracing her nose. Does not work for the ring scene. (Probably the worst scene in the movie if you ask me)

• I paused during the parking lot scene to read the screenplay because the way characters keep talking over each other felt so naturalistic and well-done, I wanted to know how it was written out, and it’s shocking how much of the interrupting dialogue/changing the subject is completely delivered as it is in the script. I hate to say it but if Cooper wins best director, he’d probably deserve it. (also, it would probably confirm that Cooper is one of the most classically-talented actor working today, for his versatility in roles and his ability to write and direct the fuck out of a movie.)

• I know it’s not supposed to be Cooper’s movie at all but he’s the more captivating one!!!!! Which is a flaw of the movie (it ain’t called A Star Dies, folks!!) but it feels like there would be so little "new" stuff to say if it was truly Ally's movie.

• If the internet hadn’t ruined “I just wanted to take another look at you” that would’ve been an extremely corny move that played as incredibly charming. Good scene!!! Also don’t know why the internet meme’d Gail. Nothing weird about that moment.

• Andrew Dice Clay's embarrassing dad role is an all-timer.

• Props to Greg Grunberg for making an entire career out of being friends with everybody so he can pop up in massive films and make audiences go “Wh- wait how do i know this guy”

• Wait– Did Jackson charter a second plane just for Ally? Even though she might have not come? And she made it JUST in time? That’s nuts. This entire scenario is nuts, and suggests a level of wealth that Jackson never really shows otherwise!

• How was "Shallow" done and ready to be performed... with the entire band.... so quickly

• This is a drum I’ve been beating for months now but I can’t believe the next Oscar winner for Best Original Song is an extremely paint-by-numbers song whose first lyrics are “Tell me something girl / Are you happy in this modern world.” In a movie with some pretty good songs, I think "Shallow" is the most boring, generic of them? Frankly, the scene of them singing "Shallow" is where the movie starts to feel less brilliant to me. ("Always Remember Us This Way" is a stunner, and "I'll Never Love Again" is of course, a fantastic Whitney Houston discard.) Also– kind of wish "Shallow" sounded more imperfect in that performance! She’s having all these reactions to performing it live, but none of those reactions are clear in the actual... sound of the performance.

• The sex scene... is so short, but it feels so real. It's great.

• Sorry, but “You’re Music To My Eyes” sounds like a song from Walk Hard.

• “That’s my songbook. I usually use a typewriter–” What???

• I think the confusing thing to me with her music is that the pop turn is not bad, it’s just different. (The screenplay even supports this– during her SNL performance, it says "She is the definition of a pop star. The song: vibrant, electric, catchy as all hell, and completely unrecognizable to Jack.") It doesn’t feel like a soulless, industry-designed act, so she's just a different performer altogether and I’m not sure what the progression means.

• I was critical of the medium-close up look covering this entire movie on my first watch, but the shallow depth of field and brightness of these scenes look so damn good. I was wrong. Movie looks fantastic. Shout out to DP Matthew Libatique (who also shot Venom, which came out the same weekend. Weird weekend for Matthew!)

• This is my second time watching the movie and I still went “Eddie Griffin????”

• The Ally billboard is hilarious. Why do they go to such LENGTHS to never tell us her last name? (The script says “Campana.” The movie never does.)

• “You. SNL. Alec Baldwin hosting. Season finale.” “You’ve just been nominated for three Grammys.” Ever since I saw the movie I haven't doing an impression of these lines. And how are these things possible? How is her billboard possible? Didn't they say she's put out one song and hasn't finished her album yet? What is the fucking timeline of this movie?

• Wonder if any of this was inspired by Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. Probably not. Actually, almost definitely not. I don't have to write down every thought that goes through my head.

• Scene of Ally and Jack in rehab is outstanding. Maybe my favorite scene in the movie.

• She’s playing The Forum??????????? This is the most meteoric rise to stardom that I have ever seen.

• That final cut to them at the piano... absolutely devastating. Brilliant. A phenomenal ending. And nothing takes the wind out of that ending more than seeing “Produced by Todd Philips” shortly afterwards.

Fri, 4 Jan 2019 07:11:56 +1300

Tag, 2018 - ★★★½

Can't tell what's more embarrassing, that the 2018 ensemble comedy TAG was, by choice, the first film I watched in 2019, or that I actually enjoyed the 2018 ensemble comedy TAG.

I watched this on a plane and they'd censored so much of the swearing which was fun to realize and try to sort out mentally, but through the "motherfucker" for "rubber chucker" find-and-replaces (no, really) I could still tell that this had the fatal flaw of all big studio comedies in which they decide the funniest possible joke to fall back on in any solution is dick stuff and jerking off. Lazy!

Despite that? I really enjoyed Isla Fisher and Jake Johnson in this. I think Jon Hamm was a weird choice, but does a fine job. Hannibal is given very little to do but still manages to make me laugh, and I earnestly liked the ending.

All y'all who think this is in the same league as Game Night though? You're fucking nuts.

Wed, 2 Jan 2019 07:25:27 +1300

First Reformed, 2017 - ★★★★½

Something about this film completely gripped me even as I slowly realized it was moving towards a climax that I would have to read up on. And thank god I did, because my natural heart feeling of "this movie is fantastic" was completely unsupported by brain not understanding what I'm supposed to get from the ending– but reading other Letterboxd users' interpretation of it (notably as a balance of the hope and despair that has been a through-line in the entire movie) and this Vulture article on the final moments helped me come to understand it. And my heart was right. This film is fantastic. I'm glad that it was the final film I watched in 2018.

Wed, 2 Jan 2019 07:17:02 +1300

Thunder Road, 2018 - ★★★★½

Have extremely mixed (and maybe even negative) feelings about the ending, but I loved this movie. The hands up game scene made me smile so fucking big, as did the last shot before the credits. A very sweet, emotional, and hilarious film.

Tue, 1 Jan 2019 11:24:22 +1300

Leave No Trace, 2018 - ★★★★

“What’s wrong with you isn’t what’s wrong with me. I know you’d stay if you could.”

I knew this movie was going to break me when I almost cried during the scene of Ben Foster taking that test.

Tue, 1 Jan 2019 11:15:42 +1300

The Rider, 2017 - ★★★★

The scene where Brady trains a horse is the turning point of the film into something i was enjoying watching. Brady’s giant smile when he’s with a recovering Lane is one of the most heartwarming shots of the entire year, and the scene that follows that one is one of the saddest.

Tue, 1 Jan 2019 11:12:40 +1300

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, 2018 - ★★★½


Sun, 30 Dec 2018 04:36:16 +1300

Revenge, 2017 - ★★★½

Heart-pounding, gruesome, punishing. And with absolutely no catharsis to be had in the titular “revenge.” Shit just gets worse and worse for Jen until it gets not better, but “done.” What a miserable fucking watch.

Sat, 29 Dec 2018 10:08:17 +1300

Bohemian Rhapsody, 2018 - ★★

i got chills every time they cut to Mary looking at Freddie in the final Live Aid performance (which was way too long) but I still cannot believe this absolutely boilerplate nonsense exists in a universe where Walk Hard was released 11 years ago

Sat, 29 Dec 2018 04:10:19 +1300

coworker/friend recommendations

movies that my friends tell me "you HAVE to watch" (and im GONNA)

...plus 2 more. View the full list on Letterboxd.

Thu, 31 Jan 2019 07:53:40 +1300

my favorite movie from every year i've been alive

my favorite movie from every year since 1992 (holy shit this was hard)

  1. A League of Their Own
  2. Last Action Hero
  3. Léon: The Professional
  4. Before Sunrise
  5. Fargo
  6. Life Is Beautiful
  7. The Truman Show
  8. Galaxy Quest
  9. O Brother, Where Art Thou?
  10. Ocean's Eleven

...plus 17 more. View the full list on Letterboxd.

Sun, 21 Jan 2018 09:40:54 +1300

2018 ranked

commence the yelling

  1. Eighth Grade
  2. Game Night
  3. Blindspotting
  4. Paddington 2
  5. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
  6. Mary Poppins Returns
  7. Mission: Impossible - Fallout
  8. Suspiria
  9. Hereditary
  10. Roma

...plus 70 more. View the full list on Letterboxd.

Wed, 30 May 2018 09:59:34 +1200

movies whose full titles can be perfectly sung to the rhythm & cadence of “moon river, wider than a mile”

we’re after that same rainbow’s end

...plus 18 more. View the full list on Letterboxd.

Mon, 23 Apr 2018 08:56:44 +1200

movies i own for some reason but still haven't seen for some other reason

inspired by jamie woodham. feel free to yell at me

...plus 16 more. View the full list on Letterboxd.

Sat, 14 Apr 2018 20:04:45 +1200

movies whose entire titles can be comfortably sung to the tune and rhythm of “little red corvette”

“entire titles” and “comfortably” and "rhythm" being the operative words

...plus 63 more. View the full list on Letterboxd.

Sun, 15 Apr 2018 04:43:59 +1200

my favorite films of 2017

my favorite movies of 2018. gotta stress that my choice in "favorite" over "best" was one thousand percent intentional. as you will realize almost immediately, those star ratings don't mean a damn thing now

  1. I, Tonya
  2. Lady Bird
  3. The Florida Project
  4. Brigsby Bear
  5. Get Out
  6. Star Wars: The Last Jedi
  7. Blade Runner 2049
  8. Coco
  9. Nathan for You: Finding Frances

    (shut up)

  10. The Big Sick

...plus 19 more. View the full list on Letterboxd.

Mon, 15 Jan 2018 21:02:56 +1300


Last year I saw 29 movies. And I think some of those were even repeats. So to challenge myself this year, I'm going to try and watch 100 movies I haven't seen, where there has to be an actor in common between movies. I started with THE REVENANT, so I've got DiCaprio, Hardy, Gleeson, Poulter, hell even Haas movies to choose from next. But past that, who knows how this will go! I'll update each entry with the actor they have in common. Fingers crossed. Also, I don't know why nothing gets 5/5 stars either!

EDIT: I DID IT! And the order got real fucked up because I didn't keep good track of the movies closer to the end of the list (ended up using Alan Tudyk and Michael Shannon twice) so I just filled in the gaps. The last movie I saw was Fences.

So what did I learn from this? I learned that by gamifying the act of watching movies, you'll start to hate watching movies. I learned that there are a lot of bad movies out there! I learned that good actors are in terrible movies all the time. I learned that Ryan Gosling, Tim Curry, Rebecca Hall, Sally Field, and Susan Sarandon are some of my favorite actors. I learned that watching movies is something I gotta do more often on a whim, and not as a means to an end. I forced myself to watch some terrific films that I might've not seen had I not had a reason- but overall, this challenge was nuts and stupid and uhhh I won't do it again! Happy new year!

  1. The Revenant
  2. About Time

    (DOMHNALL GLEESON) Really funny, and really sweet. They spend so much time establishing Domhnall Gleeson's character that it feels like they rush through his relationship at one point (a relationship that never falters, by the way) but it still all works! Bill Nighy is beyond delightful.

  3. The Big Short

    (MARGOT ROBBIE) Wonderfully directed, wonderfully acted, and completely and totally enraging. For great reason- the story told is meant to frustrate you. It's as much a tale of a big fuck-up as it is a warning that the fuck-up is gonna happen again. The last twenty minutes of the film compelled me to start over and watch the beginning again, and that only frustrated me further. Truly can't recommend enough.

  4. Thelma & Louise

    (BRAD PITT) A classic, and with good reason. One of the best road films I've ever seen, both heartwarming and heartbreaking, a powerful and fun movie.

  5. Beetlejuice

    (GEENA DAVIS) Honestly, I didn't love it? It was fun, and clearly inventive- a movie that wouldn't be made as whimsically today, but it felt like there were a few strings missing for what I expected it to be. All of the "classic" scenes fell flat to me. VERY surprised at how little Keaton is actually in this movie! Like he doesn't even show up until halfway. I think I need to watch this again.

  6. Spotlight

    (MICHAEL KEATON) Incredible. Worth every Oscar nomination.

  7. Big Fish

    (BILLY CRUDUP) God, what a sweet movie. My favorite Burton flick by far. I have a real desire to rewatch this one.

  8. Galaxy Quest

    (MISSI PYLE) What was I doing that I hadn't watched this movie until now? I think I'd seen it in parts on TV, but never in full. My mistake. It's so good.

  9. Working Girl

    (SIGOURNEY WEAVER) Sigourney Weaver is the absolute MVP of this movie. Melanie Griffith is MVP runner-up in case of injury.

  10. The Fugitive

    (HARRISON FORD) It's so cool to watch this movie and see its direct lineage to at least 3 other Tommy Lee Jones movies. He deserved that Oscar. TLJ's version of a US Marshal was as distinctive, in its finding a way to play an archetype differently and with personality, as Ledger's Joker. The ending was also very funny having seen Mulaney's Comeback Kid special four times.

...plus 92 more. View the full list on Letterboxd.

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